A few days ago, I posed a question to the readers: who has ruined “All I Want For Christmas Is You” more — Michael Bublé or Justin Bieber. I suggested that the latter performer merely had his vocals slapped onto the classic Mariah track, but now comes an official music video of the “duet,” and as it turns out, Mariah is an active participant in the sullying of her own legacy. I can’t imagine why she would do this. I assume it’s a way for her to stay relevant, but personally, I like to think that the record label simply threatened to photograph the left side of her face.

Hey, at least Mariah shed that baby weight. Good for her.

Now excuse me while I satisfy my sudden compulsion to purchase a Nintendo 3DS at Macys.

5 replies on “And Now The Inevitable Bieber/Mariah Christmas Video”

  1. He is so F’n annoying – the look, the gestures, the voice… the smugness he oozes.

    Her earrings are real cute, though. I would like those in silver.

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