I feel like all I’ve been doing this week has been posting about “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” Well, here goes once again. Two spritely hoofers have put together a dance to the aforementioned song that can best be described as infectious. It’s cute, sweet, fun, and really impressive. This is far better than the latest Justin Bieber / Mariah mess (not to mention the grainy original video).

As a bonus after the jump, check out another dance routine that is far less choreographed. What it lacks in skill, however, it makes up for in silly goofiness…

Via The Daily What

6 replies on “A Better “All I Want For Christmas Is You” Video Option”

  1. OHMYGOSH how freaking funny both videos I would love to see a guy dancing around the mall, with onoly him hearing the music, he was like a one person flash mob and the two w/their matching leotards, again too freaking funny both were awesome!!

    More please sir.

  2. the guy in the still shot of the vid looks like you, b! i mean that as a compliment, however it may sound.

    1. I thought the same thing meeshie. What I know of B’s dance skills (from his video with Rennie) makes me know that he couldn’t pretend to dance that well though! That dude was rocking his leotard!

  3. They were both great, but that second one was a million shades of awesome. I am at my desk, trying VERY HARD not to completely lose it. Damn cubicles!

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