Some bored person put together a nifty compilation of Very Special Episodes from the sitcoms of our youth. Most of the big ones are there, but notably missing: Natalie having sex with Snake on Facts of Life and Punky Brewster being peer pressured into doing drugs (or at least drinking raw egg and ketchup or whatever it was).

What Very Special Episodes do you think are missing?

Via The Daily What

3 replies on “VIDEO: A Very Special Episode Compilation”

  1. I watched a few of those Fresh Prince episodes a year ago, they brought tears to my eyes. Also the one when Will got shot and Carlton bought a gun.

  2. the drunk driving episode of Growing Pains featuring a very young Matthew Perry as Carol’s boyfriend Sandy.

  3. ZB, I was going to mention that Growing Pains episode. I remember when Carol came back from visiting Sandy at the hospital and Mike told her he was dead and how she freaked out, thought he was lying. That really made me cry when I was a kid and saw it.

    Also missing: the episode of Full House when DJ was anorexic for a week.

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