It must have been bad enough for Queen Elizabeth when she learned Prince William would be marrying the COMMONER Kate Middleton. Now comes news that Prince Harry is canoodling with an American COMMONER (with a white trash tattoo on her torso to boot). Yes, the ginger royal, who’s been stationed in Southern California for military training, has allegedly made the acquaintance of Jessica Donaldson, a cocktail waitress at San Diego’s Andaz Hotel. No word on what the rest of the fam thinks about this budding relationship, but I imagine it’s only a matter of time before Prince Philip accidentally calls Jessica a whore trollop to the press. And yes, the physical similarities to Katie Midds have been noted.

Via The Daily News

5 replies on “Prince Harry Is Romancing A San Diego Cocktail Waitress”

  1. Ms Donaldson appeared on TV with her live-in boyfriend to report she and Harry are just friends.

  2. Friend of a friend said she saw him outside @ The Belly Up. I thought the friend of a friend was making it up. Guess not.


  3. hb, come down to the Gaslamp Quarter. Apparently he’s been sighted there every weekend.
    Think of how the rumors would fly if he showed up in Hillcrest!

  4. Haven’t you heard? San Diego is a town of pro-hos. I’m sometimes ashamed to be a local. The hoooo-ers in this city have been known to get busy with the likes of Jesse James, Tiger Woods, Ashton Kutcher, and now Prince Harry, just to name a few. When will we listen to the sage advice of Ron Burgandy and keep it classy?

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