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We recorded another episode of Housewife Hoedown today, and joining me in the studio were Matt Whitfield from Yahoo! and comedian Amy Phillips, whose parody of Rachel Zoe not only took the internet by storm but also landed her a guest spot on The Rachel Zoe Project last year.

Anyway, Amy, Matt, and I talked about all the crazy news from the Real Housewives universe, including the gossip about the fired wives from New York, Michaele Salahi’s encounter with Journey, and Taylor Armstrong’s recent interview with Entertainment Tonight. Plus, we recapped the latest episodes of Beverly Hills and New Jersey, making the usual tasteless jokes along the way. Check out the video above!

6 replies on “HOUSEWIFE HOEDOWN, Episode 2-3: Fired Wives, Taylor Armstrong, and More Michaele Salahi”

  1. This week like last week I didn’t think you did a Housewife Hoedown so yesterday I went to ustream and there you were along with last weeks episode. I am not on facebook (by choice) so I hope you will post on this blog the next time you do a Housewife Hoedown.
    I don’t think they will show the Punta Cana brawl and the clip of Mellisa singing is probably when she sung her song for the Black water launch the Manzo brothers were planning a few episodes ago..just guessin. Love Housewife Hoedown!

  2. OMG I enjoyed this so much. Amy and her impression of drunk Ramona had me falling out of my chair. And B … your impression of Taylor is spot on. I’ll really miss you guys next week and hope to see you the following week. I’m glad the NY wives got fired. Jill and her comments were vicious most of the time and watching Kelly and her slide into mental illness has been unpleasant. Cindy added nothing to the show IMO. Alex I could take or leave. She didn’t bother me either way. Simon was a joke. I don’t know if I’ll continue to watch NY. I’m not a fan of the countess at all and Sonja’s cottage cheese ass gets tiring every week. Ramona can drive me up the wall with her delusions … Mario wouldn’t cheat on her … of course he wouldn’t and she’s not an alcoholic … course not … and being pregnant at her age … sure she was … and BTW … who goes on a cruise and brings along an EPT? NY has jumped the shark and gone over to the rediculous plots. Time to put it to rest.

  3. why can’t I view the video!?!?!? I had the same problem last week too. It buffers, plays about 25 seconds and then stops and buffers over and over and over again.

    *stomps foot*

  4. i know you dont like criticism but you should really pay more attention to the clothes you wear cuz the shirts on this ep causes moire, it got me dizzy

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