12 replies on “BREAKING: Madonna LOATHES Hydrangeas”

  1. What a stupid twat. Who loathes a flower? Ok, I mean, carnations I understand, but HYDRANGEA? Who does this bitch think she is? Madonna? Does she also loathe moving her face and screwing guys born before the year 2000?

  2. This poor deluded fool will do anything to keep herself in the media spotlight. Even if it comes to alienating a few gardeners and greenhouse keepers. Where’s her kabbalah bracelet now??

  3. What an asshole she is. I read that unauthorized book by her brother that paints her in a bad light. Turns out he really wasn’t lying or embelishing. She’s pure bitch. Talented, but a bitch nonetheless.

  4. Jeez you’d figure someone who has been famous for as long as she has would be a little less uncouth when it comes to accepting gifts from her fans. At this point in her career she should be thankful she still has any, even if they do have the audacity to present her with flowers she “loathes”.

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