Most stars begin their careers somewhere inauspicious, whether it be a bit part in City Slickers, as a masochist dental patient in Little Shop of Horrors, or simply with an awkward cameo on 3-2-1 Contact. The above video compiles twenty-five clips of some of today’s biggest actors from before they were famous. It’s oddly transfixing, especially given how so few of them have actually aged.

Via The Daily What

3 replies on “VIDEO: 25 Clips of Stars Before They Were Famous”

  1. We used to have to watch Darby O’Gill and the Little People a lot when I worked at a video store. My co-worker was obsessed with Sean Connery…

    And I agree that they all look strangely not much older now. Must be the magic of Hollywood… 😉

  2. The 3-2-1 Contact part was obviously NOT SJP’s big break. She’s wearing her Annie costume, for pete’s sake.

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