Back in the mid-aughts, Gerard Butler became the poster boy for ridiculous abs, thanks to his star-making role in the Grecian testosterone-fest, 300. It seemed like everyone wanted a midsection like his, spawning a minor exercise sensation with the “300 Workout.”

Well, since those glory days of 2006, Gerard Butler has enjoyed a donut or two. The actor famously put on a spare tire, which at once made him totally relatable and simultaneously a major disappointment.

Now, my friends, we have arrived at the third glorious incarnation of Gerard Butler’s belly, and the results are just as curious. Picture after the jump…

Gerard Butler in his prime.

Gerard Butler in his, er, nesting phase.

Gerard Butler at present day. I don’t know what’s more disturbing: that his abs look like an eroded riverbed or that his hair seems to be an ode to Holland Taylor. Either way, he has more of a six-pack than I do; so I suppose I shouldn’t cast stones…

This all proves one thing: it’s a slow news day.

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7 replies on “The Spectacular Journey of Gerard Butler’s Abs”

  1. Never ever would I have guessed that last picture was Gerard Butler. This may be the first instance of someone looking better out of shape..

  2. Butler’s new look is for an upcoming role in a surfing biopic produced by Waldenn Media entitled “The Mavericks” which starts filming at the end of September. He is going playing a real person named Rick”Frosty Hensson”, thus the reason for the golden locks and long hair and of course that surfer body.
    I doubt he will maintain that look once the film is completed since he is slated to play a ex-FBI agent in a movie called “The Bricklayer” which was announced a few days ago.
    I like him better with his dark hair and with a few more pounds on that 6’2″ frame.

  3. If you follow the curve of Gerry’s career back to some of his first roles, you’ll find that he was quite slim and lean back then, too. He’s returned to something close to that early physique. As Michele says, the change in his looks has a lot to do with his preparation for his role in “Mavericks”. Gerry is a chameleon and changes for each role. Someone who’s been riding the waves for years would have that long, shaggy sunbleached gray/blond hair. And as for the argument that Frosty himself was a bit chubby at that time, that may be true but think about it. Artistic license…who wants to spend a couple of hours watching a chubby guy surf? Now, who wants to spend a couple of hours watching Gerry in his latest incarnation surf?

  4. With all the physical metamorphoses Gerald Butler has gone through due his various career roles (and off-duty binges) still looks completely different from his first big role as Phantom (or the Stud) Of The Opera.

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