Here’s a fun rumor I’d like to indulge: a big screen version of The Hills might be headed our way. Back last year when the series ended, Hills creator Adam DiVello hinted that he wanted to take the seminal pseudo-reality show to the multiplex, but alas, the cast wasn’t on board.

Now it’s been a year, and the stars have aligned. Maybe. Audrina Patridge told Ryan Seacrest that “We’ve all had our break. Maybe we’ll all come back together and do a movie.” Translation: “Okay, I’m ready to be famous again.”

Of course, just because Audrina has fleetingly suggested she’d be game for a Hills movie doesn’t make it a green-lit project. However, with Lauren’s MTV pilot rejected, Heidi’s fame dwindling, and Whitney… well, Whitney seems happy and plucky — point is, the time might be right to get the band back together. I know I’d watch (and don’t you dare pass judgment, especially if you’re racing out to see Glee 3D). If only there were an epic big screen edition of The City in the pipeline too. Kelly Cutrone in Imax? I’m there.

There’s only one question: what will hit theaters first — this project or the Arrested Development movie?

Would you watch? Yea or Nay?

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3 replies on “Coming Soon To A Theater Near You: ‘The Hills?’”

  1. “and Whitney… well, Whitney seems happy and plucky”

    LOL. Isn’t that the truth. That bitch. 😉

    I would totally go to a The Hills movie. I would probably even stand in line for it (assuming there is a line), which is something I refuse to do for any movie.

    And a The City movie? Even better! What was that one blonde’s name I loved to hate? The one who pretended to work with Whit, but didn’t. Well, I’m sure it’s debatable whether any of them ever actually worked. But you know which girl I’m talking about, so I’ll shut up.

  2. It would be great if they make a movie of The Hills! I loved the show, especially the last 4 seasons! And it would be totally worth it if it meant Audrina would get her “Hills” body back! The current sagging, shapeless, waif-like look is not one of Audrina’s best!

  3. OMG!!! This would be the best thing EVER!!! But only if you would agree to recap it!!! Because if you didn’t then everything would be ruined!!! You know this is the most important thing in life!!!

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