This just in from the Real Housewives of Atlanta rumor mill. It’s a gossipy item featuring love, lust, jealousy, and text messages.

Here’s the story, fresh from our very own Jennifer#####, who writes:

This morning I had a flat tire, and the roadside assistance guy told me a great story. Last night they were called to the house of Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann. She had locked her keys in her car. They were filming for RHOA.

After the keys were retrieved and the guys left, kim texted my dude’s co-worker saying thank you. He responded, “you’re welcome, it was a pleasure to meet you.” She then forwarded the message to Kroy, but added on the line “and you are so beautiful.” Kroy got the message and went ballistic. He has called the service company trying to get the guy fired. And Kim is just letting this happen! They were going to her house this afternoon to confront her and make her show them the real text message she received.

This has the makings of a Law and Order episode.

Dunh dunh DUNH. Now, this is all based on the yarn that this service man told Jennifer#####, but I like to think that rumor is fact, and as far as Kim Zolciak shenanigans go, this sounds right up her alley. Right?

What do you all think? Did Kim instigate a love triangle? And is Kroy perhaps WIGGING out (get it?) a bit too much?

13 replies on “The Kim Zolciak Text Controversy”

  1. I hope the baby wasn’t locked in the car, but why was she texting the dudes co worker?

    As for making Kroy jealous, I think Kim would do anything

    Maybe life is not all that she wants it to be, with the new baby and a guy she knew for 30 minutes, he’s no Big Poppa but they are filming…. is this her way to kick up some drama?

  2. Desprate times call for desprate measures. She is an attention seeking whore who will do anything to get her man all droided out and on top of that she smokes. Who can trust a freaking smoker.

  3. She would so do that! She probably thought the guy was hot, so she texted him (flirting), she added the beautifil comment to make Kroy jealous, women (and men) do that for reinforcement. She must need the constant adoration from Kroy so she feels pretty. I bet she is emotionally sooo high maintenence! This could bust her out! Sounds like Kroy is feeling a little insecure as well…with her past indiscreet “money for sex,” I would love to be a fly on the wall and hear some of their spats and digs about trust. Many people feel that she got knocked up for a sure child support check ( like both her daughters…steady, secure income) and eventually, this marriage (facade) will burn out! Intetesting to watch. Why does she wear those ugly wigs??? Her real hair looks thick and pretty!
    Karma will get Kim, but good, one day…poor kids!

  4. Her’s a thought…Kroy is either smart or has a smart lawyer/manager. He buys tgis beUtiful house BEFORE they are married so this house would legally be his and his alone. He hasn’t married Kim-very telling! As far as child support, maybe he is noting and gathering evidence he may need, down the road, to get that baby as sole custody! She would have to pay him child support!! I remember reading how his friends didn’t trust Kim, teased Kroy about her gold-digging and “promiscuity” (spelling??) and his patents trying to warn him about women like her. I always kinda thought he was so flattered and star-struck… Kim was very aggressively chasing him, that he was a sucker. But, since he hasn’t married her and bought “his” house, he may be “tuned right in” to her shady ways and protect himself afterall!!

  5. You know on some level we all know she is a train wreck.. but why is KROY getting a pass?
    He was stupid enough to HIT that. He deserves to be smacked around and should be happy someone else might take her baby bloated belly off his hands.

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