Ah, the clambake. If ever there was a dish that spoke of summers in Cape Cod, it’s the clambake. I say this as if I’d spent every summer of my youth on the shores of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. That’s hardly the case. However, I did spend significant stretches of my youth gazing at J. Crew catalogs, and that’s nearly the same thing. Either way, I like to subscribe to the Cape Cod lifestyle in my head from time to time, and when I was invited to a media-comped meal at Rush Street to promote the restaurant’s summer clambake special, I knew I had to grab the nearest pair of khakis, unfurl a linen shirt, and make my way to Culver City.

Note: I wore neither khaki nor linen. Spiritually, however, I like to think my soul was looking like a long lost character from Wings.

I’m very pleased to see that our table has a distinct beach-shack vibe. Simply put, there just aren’t enough seafood places in Los Angeles, which is a high crime given that it’s a coastal city. A faux-seafood shack, however, will do.

Joining me for this adventure is my friend Sly. We order Moscow Mules – hers with gin (as denoted by the lemon peel). Unfortunately, the cocktails trended sweet, as did a later round of spicy watermelon margaritas. Word to the wise: stick with the beer at Rush Street.

Just a roll of bread, you say?

Ta-da! A gentle tug at the bread flap reveals that this boule contains none other than crab and corn chowder. Let me amend that: DELICIOUS crab and corn chowder. My only complaint was that there simply wasn’t enough. Best dish of the night for me. I believe it’s only available as a special though.

Ribs. These are very tasty. Best ribs in the city? No. Hit the spot? Yes.

Also making us very happy is this burrata dish full of fresh Mediterranean ingredients. Can’t really go wrong there.

Okay, we’ve veered out of clambake territory with our ordering, but that’s okay. These eggrolls are delightful. Sure, anything can taste great if it’s fried, but I’m happy to report these bad boys are both delicate and remarkably grease-free.

The main event. Our clambake bowl. It’s big enough for two people (although, given my appetite sometimes, I could probably take it all on myself). It’s all very tasty — especially the shrimp. My favorite part, however, is the broth. Thankfully, I’m able to use my leftover soup boule to sop up the liquid. I highly recommend getting both dishes, if possible, simply for the sopping capabilities.

What better way to end the night than by picking at a giant, mouthwatering slice of carrot cake? I was quite content.

For those in the LA area hoping to enjoy some clambake action, Rush Street offers the special on Friday and Saturday nights through Labor Day. Limited time only, as they say…

3 replies on “Rush Street in Culver City Offers Up Clambake Fun”

  1. Does the Fri/Sat clambake special include everything you ate, or is each dish available to order separately for a limited time? Trying to navigate their website is almost enough to make me steer clear of the place (along with bad reviews I’ve read, but your report sparks my interest).

    1. Great question: everything with the exception of the soup and the clambake are on the regular menu. We just ordered that separately. The clambake will be on the menu on Fridays and Saturdays. Not sure about the soup.

      Steer clear of the cocktails. Get the burrata.

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