Not much happened on the latest episode of Jersey Shore, and what did happen felt all too familiar. Deena fell over. Ronnie got wasted. Sammi realized she still loved Ronnie. Deena fell over again. Situation got a blowjob. Deena fell a third time. Ronnie fell. Sammi fell. And J-Woww made coffee in the most unconventional of ways.

Along this journey, the kids learned how to make pizza and then erroneously referred to the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore as the Vatican. Tsk tsk. Know your Pope!

Photocap after the jump…

“I’m okay! I’m okay!!! Although… I may have just shat out some linguine just now.”

“Yo, my dude, why do all these condoms look like pastries?”

Situation: “So… you ever been with a man who may have a few bumps and rashes down there?”
“Actually, yes.”

Situation: “Nice boots, Nicole.”
“Thanks. I skinned a yeti for them.”

“Hey Snookers, you mind if I fart in your face real quick?”

“Ugh. We don’t want to make pizza. We just want to eat pizza. And maybe have sex with the box after.”

“Will one of yous tell me where maple syrup comes from already?”

Vinny: “Hahahhahaa I totally have a boner. Hahahaha. Wait, did I say that out loud?”

“What could be better? Great weather, beautiful people, and the glory of the Vatican behind us. Yeah, France is a great city.”

“For the last time, Sammi, I don’t want to talk about Maureen O’Dowd’s latest op-ed!”

“Yo Deena, you gotta get up. I’m losing feeling in my legs.”

“Ron, I still love you, but mainly because I’m pathetic.”

“Hey Ron. RON. I want YOU… to be… with MEH.”

6 replies on “JERSEY SHORE PHOTOCAP: Florence and the Drinking Machines”

  1. Mike is always twirling his hair in his fingers.
    I guess I should be grateful it is the hair on his head but it drives me crazy.


  2. Guys…… is it just me or does this show now feel really fake and scripted? I never got that impression until this season. So sad 🙁

    Like… Situation and Snooki????????? Good job, producers

    1. I feel like the situation/snookie thing is being forced, but more by mike than the producers. i think he saw an opportunity to stir up some drama and get more screen time and hopped on it.

  3. I feel like the Snooki and Mike storyline feels very forced. When he even mentioned it in the first episode it didn’t seem to make sense. Why would he tell Ronnie and why would he wait until the first day of filming? I dunno, I really hate their storyline, but other than that it’s an okay season so far.

  4. Love the photo cap title, I have F&TheM in heavy rotation right now, thanks for the giggle.

    Seriously, I love JWOWW but her plastic surgery is horrific. It makes me sad.

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