Behind the Drink: The $13 Cocktail from on Vimeo. recently posed an intriguing question that I’m sure many of us have pondered at one point or another: why must a cocktail cost $13? (heck, come to LA and prepare yourself for the $16 libation) Drinks aren’t always cheap, but the above video (shot at mixology mecca Bourbon & Branch) reveals what those extra dollars go towards — assuming it’s a good bar…

4 replies on “A Look Inside Bourbon & Branch”

  1. we went to a tour of woodford reserve in kentucky a few weeks ago, once we saw the whole process we felt we kind of understood why it was priced higher than average burbon.

  2. Maybe they should start shopping for ingredients at Asian markets… I “get” Bourbon & Branch’s coolness, but for $13, I couldn’t even find a good place to stand and sip that cocktail (which took 4EVAH to con”cock”)

  3. I’m going to B&B this Fri w/friends that have a reservation (what you need to do to get to sit @ a booth – pretentious? totally. worth it? of course.)

    Will I be paying $13 a cocktail? fuck yeah… I’ll be getting quite a few because they are delicious and they will get you drunk.

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