There was so much great reality TV on Sunday: Jersey Shore, Real Housewives of New Jersey, and of course Big Brother, which aired one of its finest episodes of the season. It all centered around the MAJOR DRAMZ of Thursday’s live double-eviction show, which has since sent the house into a tailspin. To be fair, the house was already downwardly spiraling as we saw in a fascinating pre-eviction argument that CBS aired on last night’s episode. This marked the first time Big Brother has so extensively gone backwards in its timeline to present us with valuable story points, and I applaud the decision. Last night’s episode was all sorts of juicy, providing us with much-needed context to continued rift between Shelly and Jeff.

Last week, I commended Shelly’s decision to think for herself and turn against Jeff and Jordan. I still think she made the right move, but man did she screw up the execution. Basically, The Shellster got called out by Jeff, and rather than ‘fess up to it, she hemmed and hawed and tried to blame everyone else. Oh Shelly. Shelly Shelly Shelly. Here I was trying to defend you, and you had to go be a bonehead.

To be fair, everyone in the house is kind of a bonehead. I know there’s a lot of anti-Shelly, pro-Jeff sentiment out there, but I’m starting to think the sentiment should be anti-Shelly, anti-Jeff. Maybe anti-Jordan too. I know this is positively SACRILEGE, but the sheer amount of self-serving pity going on in the house has been off the charts, and Jordan is not immune.

It actually really bothers me to hear Jordan complain that people who do nothing are going to win the game. Is that even a valid point to be made anymore? Kalia, for instance, has won HOH twice and made some pretty big moves (as well as dumb ones — ie. Lawon). Additionally, at the time of the conversation, Porsche and Adam had won just as many competitions as Rachel and Jordan, and while Shelly remains sans victory, she has arguably now made some of the biggest moves since Daniele first attempted to backdoor J&J. Point is, this whole line of logic that the Veterans are the only people “playing the game” is a bit ridiculous.

Then there’s also this strange notion Jordan has that everyone who has betrayed her has been obsessed with being Daniele’s friend. The irony here is that up until this week, Jeff and Jordan have survived thanks in huge part to many house guests’ infatuation with them. Furthermore, as much as Jeff and Jordan like to talk about Shelly’s betrayal (which admittedly does suck big time), Jeff was just as duplicitous when he threw the Veto competition (and then lied about it to Rachel). The point is that all these people are fallible, and there’s no reason in being sanctimonious about it.

Ah, but that’s what happens in Big Brother every. single. season. And I think that’s why we love it. Everyone gets on their high horses: the players, the viewers, the bloggers. That’s when you know it’s been a good season.

Nevertheless, amidst all the tension, Porsche actually pulled out the HOH win, which meant it would be lights out for either Jordan or Rachel, but lo! Never under estimate the powers of producer manipulation! Out of the ether suddenly appeared Pandora’s Box, and being the ever curious creature that she is, Porsche opened it and unleashed an oh-so-convenient twist: the household would again be paired off into duos, and once again, the old rules applied: one duo would be nominated and if it should win veto, the entire duo would come off the block. This twist now afforded Rachel and Jordan a major advantage, and should they win the veto (no spoilers in the comments section please), they BOTH could wind up in the house another week with a chance to turn everything upside down all over again.

I definitely call shenanigans, but at the same time…. I’m not too pissed about it. This will keep things interesting, even if it does frustrate me to no end.

“Rachel, why you asking me if I threw the veto competition? You need to settle down, Elise Keaton.”

“Why the long face, BRO?”

“Hey BROS, I’m just gonna spend the rest of the episode charging into rooms already speaking.”

Shelly: “Schemes? What schemes? I’ve been on board with you the whole time, Jeff. Bros before hos, BRO!”

Jeff: “If you’ve been on board with me, why are you trying to get Daniele out? You need to settle down, Cousin Larry!”

Shelly: “I don’t know what you think you heard, BRO, but I need you to calm down and tell me why you think I’m against you.”
“Well, you were plotting against me and wanted to keep Daniele in the house.”
“Oh yeah. Well, I guess there’s that.”

“Bro, I’m about to lose my shit here. All this talk about getting Daniele out was Adam’s idea. Swear to God, BRO!”

Jeff: “Am I supposed to believe for one second that Adam hatched a strategic idea?”


big-brother-25 11-57-40-073.jpg
“Yeah, that’s really out of my wheelhouse.”

“I wonder… should I walk left or should I walk right?”

“AIn’t no railing getting between me and MY tumble from the balcony onto the floor below!!!”

Shelly: “I think you should nominate Jeff and Rachel.”
Kalia: “I’m thinking that might be the smartest move.”
Porsche: “Guys, do you think we can play chess on this floor?”

“I can’t believe Shelly’s betrayed us. Makes me think of Judas. And that makes me think of Jesus. And Jesus was born on Christmas. And that makes me think of presents. And that reminds me of wrapping paper. I’m really bad at wrapping. And I’m also bad at rapping. That makes me think of Jay-Z. And Jay-Z reminds me of Beyoncรฉ. OH MY GOSH! BEYONCร‰ IS PREGNANT, ISN’T SHE??”

“Wow. Jeff is gone. Now who’s gonna take me to the final four before dropping me?”

“How did I get so bad at this game? I always thought for sure that there ain’t no one who was gonna get between me and MY previously stellar gameplay!”

“So this is how the game is going to be won? By people who have done NOTHING all season??? (Except win multiple HOH and Veto challenges, as well as make big, risky strategical moves). Not fair!”

“I already miss Jeff. Now who am I gonna sit on the back porch and scratch my balls with, BRO?”

“I wonder if lemons and limes are friends.”

“Let me tell you something, BRO. As much as it hurts you to see Jeff gone, it hurts me MORE. Heck, this stings more than the time a mule kicked me in the NUTS.”

Rachel: “Shelly, leave us alone. We need to go cry and enjoy some self-serving logic.”

“Wow, this is one big snake. Reminds me of the jungle. I never been to the jungle, but I once saw that movie George of the Jungle. My friend is named George. He like pineapples. Pineapples make me think about Carmen Miranda. And those make me think of, like, Miranda rights. Isn’t that what they read when you get arrested? OH MY GOSH! I BET MATTHEW FOX FROM LOST JUST GOT ARRESTED FOR PUNCHING A FEMALE BUS DRIVER!!!”

“This snake is SO Vegas.”


“I miss Booki. I miss Vegas. I miss SCIENCE.”

“Does Pandora’s Box come filled with Pepperidge Farm cookies? Because then this is a no-brainer.”


What did you think about this episode?

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  1. I usually get annoyed at producer manipulation, but this show would suck if Jordan and Rachel leave. I can’t believe I just wrote that. Hahahaha! And I would much rather watch them than Jeff and Brendon, although Jeff is some nice eye candy. But his infamy has gone to his head. Excellent photocap, as usual. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. That’s all I ask from a liar/backstabber…own it (especially when you are caught). Shelly passed the blame onto Adam, who not even for a second considered keeping Daniele (and had the balls to tell her that to her face).

    Even after her betrayal of Jeff, she had a conversation with Jordan about how she was with them 100% and never side with Dani (semi-spoiler, but I doubt they will air that specific remark any way).

    Jordan was allowed to have a little pity party that day, which was the worst day in big brother history IMO.

    Anyway…what’s done is done…I won’t get into all that. Interesting that you called them boneheads…Jeff actually said to Jordan last week that “we’re boneheads”

  3. Oh this game is so rigged, why don’t they just hand Rachel the first place money and get her out so I don’t have to see or hear her any longer and then let the rest fight for second place because that is all CBS is going to let them win.

    1. I actually like Rachel this season. Lets face it, BB did a horrible job with their casting. Jeff’s right, these “newbies” are just waking up, everyone else carried their asses this far. Porche going around thinking she’s the sh*t. Way to finally wake up and change your pink tracksuit that you so casually wore all season long (it seems). She’s done NADA this season. Okay, so she won POV and just recently the HOH and she made Jeff go home, that’s cool, hey, they all gotta go home sometime. Porche was a slave for Dani for the last 2 weeks or so…Porche never had game. Kalia is a walking puppet for Dani. “We’re doing this for Dani…” OR “Dani would be proud of us…” OR “This is what Dani would want us to do…” They are her little lap dogs. Come on, you even have Kalia asking Dani “So what should I do next?” Goes to prove Kalia can’t think right. She kept Rachel. How stupid are you? Dani went along with her because Kalia wouldn’t budge from the issue. Goes to prove that Kalia can’t think on her own two feet. It was a no-brainer to nominate Jeff and Rachel that night. DUH! Okay, so Porche won something and that got Jeff out. Shelly can’t win anything, so she has to use her manipulation skills. What bothers me about Shelly, and it’s not so much that she lied, because everyone in BB lies, but she took it to a whole new level. She is such a snake. Dr. Will was evil, and ED was up front about being evil, but Shelly is so horrible at it. She called herself loyal and classy….please don’t say that garbage. Be who you are, or don’t be at all. BB did an awful job at casting. Adam is just about as worthless as Enzo from last year, and Enzo got picked over Adam (that’s what Adam said). Porche is boring and gets cocky when she shouldn’t. Kalia sleeps all the time, and is just a puppet for whoever. Shelly just needs to leave, she should have never been chosen. I would have much rather seen Keith, Cassi and Dom there over what’s left in the house. Lawon was funny, but useless as well. J/J were nice to see, and although Rachel and Brendan annoyed me last year, I actually thought they were okay this year. ED and Dani were nice to see as well, and wished ED stayed in the house. Dani had good game, but showed her cards way too early. J/J were playing it okay, but they still were stupid on the people they felt they could trust. Brendan could still possibly be there, but instead they kept Shelly. At least with Brendan he could win something, Shelly can’t win anything. However, they all lie in this game, that’s true, and even Jeff lies (about the cornhole game), and so does Jordan (making deals with Shelly and telling Rachel that her and Brendan were always chosen, when Rachel overheard the convo between Shelly and Jordan about final 3 deal, and even lying about Jeff throwing the cornhole comp). Jordan calling the others floaters is also the pot calling the kettle black. Jordan floated by all season, and even in her season, which she got $500,000 richer because of it. In the end Rachel and Kalia and I would like to see Rachel win…for some reason I just like her better and over Kalia.

      1. Everyone in this game needs allies. I agree people should play their own game, but at the same time, alliances need to stick together in order to survive. Here is my take on the remaining players:

        Rachel – Should have been voted out instead of Lawon. Not because I don’t like her, but she’ll be like a cockroach that will never die in this game. She won 2 HOH’s in the first 3 weeks. Lawon won ZIP. Who would you rather continue the game with, someone that could probably beat you at something, or Lawon. Come on

        Jordan – If people don’t get her out, she will win this game again. I just know it. She’s playing the exact same game she did in Season 11 (only a bit more fiesty this season). She won HOH #2. Ho-hum, that’s all she’s done. She will be the sweet girl we saw Season 11 now that Jeff is gone, and that will catapult her in the finals

        Adam – Oh, what can I say about Adam. He’s switched sides just as much as Shelly (if not more). He wanted Dani, Kahlia & Porshe do be “Adam’s Angels”, all the while telling Jeff, Jordan, & Shelly he wanted final four with them. He has won 1 POV (allegedly thrown to him by Dani & Jeff). He has been first out of at least 4 comps I can’t think of. He will float his way to the finals and have a very good chance of winning this game as well.

        Kahlia – Started out as a major bump on a log. For some reason, was never looked at as a threat (just because she sleeps all of the time). Well, she woke up in Week 5 and has won 2 HOH’s. Made a dumb move her 1st time around, and made up for it on her 2nd. She has made numerous deals with all sides as well, but her major downfall will be never putting Jordan up on the block. You can’t promise someone that, or it will be your demise

        Porshe – Everyone keeps saying she finally woke up. What people fail to remember is that Porshe didn’t even compete for anything until Week 4. She was a Golden Key holder, so she didn’t get the chance to show anyone what she was made of until then. Every competition she was able to compete in, she placed either 2nd or 3rd (not too bad in my opinion). Unfortunately, I feel it will be viewed as “Too Little, Too Late”.

        Shelly – Well, I understand Shelly’s game play. She came in the house knowing she wasn’t the smartest, she wasn’t the fastest, she wasn’t the most athletic, etc. She knew that her only game play was her charm and manipulation factor. If that’s what you got, use it. I know people are all upset at her lying (not only to the houseguests, but to the DR), but how do we know she just doesn’t remember? I know it seems far fetched, but my husband is 44 years old, and he sometimes doesn’t remember what he said yesterday. Just an observation. Anyway, she has lost all trust in the house at this point, and I don’t see her surviving much longer.

        Phew, long post, but I had a lot to say ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. I have noticed a lot of people (both on blogs and the Houseguests themselves) have been commenting that Jordan was thrown her HOH in week 2. I have to address that. When they were practicing that golf game prior to the HOH Jordan was the one who was consistently making the shots. Everyone kept commenting on how good she was at that game. In fact, the vet alliance decided to line up in an order that would put Jordan in the best position to win. Of the people who took turns up to that point Jordan has the most successful shot. Now, Brendan and Jeff did throw their turns, which could suggest throwing the challenge to Jordan. However, I suspect had they really tried she still would have won. She was simply the best at that challenge. So it bothers me when people act like she was inept at the challenge and it was handed to her.

            She beat Dominick, Lawon, Adam, Kalia and Cassie at that game.

  4. “I wonder if lemons and limes are friends.” For some reason that just cracked me up!
    I love your recaps and I need your take on things in case I start to take this shit too seriously.

    1. Yes, I agree. Game is rigged. This has been the worse year ever. I come here for the updates, because I can’t stand to watch rachel and jordan on tv. Hey, I don’t like any of them. I hope they all lose. Bring back Dani.

  5. Producer Manipulation really doesn’t bother me. Really, they manipulate in favor of a more interesting TV show. I mean does anyone really think that it was just coinsidence that the first week Danielle could be evicted that the HoH competition just happened to be one ideally suited to her? Or that Shelly is “Yay Team Jordan and Jeff! Let’s get out Danielle!” and then disappears into the DR and emerges hellbent on their ouster? Of course not, but both those events turned what would have been dull easily forseeable goings on into compelling television. So it is with this, barring the Pandora’s Box (Why can’t they ever say no? Shelly was absolutely right when you’re dealt a full house you don’t throw back the cards… but then again I’d find 5K/10K hard to turn down too) it turned what would have been a boring predictable week (noobs pick off a vet) into something worth watching.

    1. It was Kalia who said you don’t throw out a full house. But I can see how one might think of Shelly when recalling a poker analogy.

    2. They cant say no to pandora’s box because they are so greedy and not great at math …they had the numbers to ensure themselves a one in four chance at 500000 and the same at 50000 in less than three weeks but for some reason five thousand looks better to them … knowing that there is always a cost to the twist.that porsche somehow saw this as a good idea doesn’t surprise me at all.

  6. Thanks for bringing up some of the hypocrisy filling up Jeff and Jordan; I’ve never been a huge fan of theirs, and it’s frustrating to see some people constantly idolizing them. Great photocap as always!

    1. you always know who is going to win the comps, because of the rigging. Let it be fair and it would be more fun.
      remember Jeff and the bubbles race. He had very fun bubbles in his lane. Talk about a rig.

      1. Yeah, but Rachel lane hd even fewer bubbles than’s Jeff’s lane and she didn’t win the competition. Jordan got screwed being in the middle lane her lane was literally all bubbles.

    2. Its not too hard to take Jand J as your fave bb guests. Casting gives you so little to choose from. when on their season there was kevin lydia ronnie michelle russell chima natalie and king jessie
      They got rid of Braeden first week and then got rid of Casey the only other entertaining people in the cast. Of course People cheered for the cute little country girl and the Brash big City Hunk.Look at cast this year dick i can only stay a week dani im not my daddys girl. Khalia {yes i do think im better than oprah} porshce i havent had my nap yet. and shelly no no no i will clean the toilets as long as you keep me safe…call me mom. i got your back …where did i put the knife…I hated rachel her season but with this cast she moved up quick. even though i trust her only as far as i can throw her.I hope Adam makes final and wins it . Even though i do like Jordan and give rach credit .

  7. The problem with Shelly is that she lied to the American public in the Diary Room Sessions. She layed out how honest she was going to play to set an example for her kid. She told us how much she admires Jeff and Jordan and she will be final 3 with them to the end. Then she starts lying and backstabbing and breaking alliances and making fun of people behind their backs. She tries to front her high moral standards but then goes out and does the opposite. America loves a schemer but you have to be honest about it. Don’t pretend you aren’t in the house ready to do anything to win that money. Shelly’s PR problem is that she is constantly pretending and America doesn’t buy it.

    1. These girls are just vicious in the house, especially when Dani was there. Man were they vile and disgusting towards Rachel. Now, I was never team Rachel, but goodness, what vile, disgusting human beings they are. BB had nothing to do with those actions. Even Porche said that other day before the VETO comp. “hope it’s endurance so Rachel can have an easy abortion and save herself the $400.00 it would cost…” This was said when it was speculated that Rachel might be pregnant. How can a person say those things? What a vile worthless human being she is. Shelly with the bashing was disgusting. Saying how much she HATES and just being a vicious person. Shelly is leaving because Shelly claimed she was a loyal person and a classy person. Shelly can’t be trusted. Her reputation is tarnished in the house. The only person that will probably speak to her in jury would be Dani. Shelly told everyone in the house “I’m loyal…” stab someone in the back. Shelly told everyone “I’m classy…” She says vile things about people in the house. Shelly does this and her daughter is watching this. When called out about making deals, like with Rachel and Brendan, she flat out lied, and then went to diary room and said she didn’t, when BB showed a past clip of her sitting outside and making that deal with them. She even lied in the DR to the public…and we seen it on TV. So you lie to the HG and to the public. Get the F out.

  8. I betcha lemons and limes are friends, kinda like Rachel and Jordon! Except limes are green where as Rachel is Red, but Jordon is Yellow! Yellow kinda sounds like Jello, you know what Porsche got in her HOH basket, atleast that’s how CBS spelled her nickname,and I always thought it was spelled Hoe, and even though she probably is, CBS shouldn’t just label her on national TV like that…….. ;oP

  9. Cousin Larry came back….is Balki right behind him? ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also agree that Jordan was allowed to have a pity party that day. She got over it pretty quick and made up with Shelly (to a point). They all get caught up in the crazyness in the house–every year–same thing happens. It’s expected…there’s no reason people should freak out over it! They come to realize their mistakes/issues when they get out of the house.

    1. Shelly really is a bad actress she acts as if she loves everyone! Then she proceeds to bash everyone just depends on who is in power and who can SAVE HER SCRAWNY ass. She really doesn’t like people much. I think she is very insecure and mean spirited.her big moves are everyone elses ideas she is just their pawn. she votes without stopping and considering how it helps her in the end. she cant win against J&J but she thinks she would win against D&K like they would really take her lol too funny.

    2. Balki Bartackumus!!!!! Thanks for the “cousin Larry” clarification because I knew I knew it but just could not place the show.

  10. OMG…I laughed so hard at this. I almost peed my pants. I look forward to reading this site everyday/ Thanks for the laugh and updates..your all awesome

  11. I drooled from laughing so hard. You nailed the week! I’m surprised to know how simple it can be to manipulate the show, but you know what I don’t care. Shelly’s lies and lies about lies about lies, and her disgusting and hypocritical game play, and her willingness to hurt while playing the game disappoints me somewhere. Gotta love greed and pandora’s box to make it all better =)

  12. I’d be happy if Jordan, Rachel, or Adam won. I definitely don’t want Shelly to win, but fortunately I don’t think that could ever happen. But ugh, I’d hate to see Kalia or Porshe win, either. Just terrible, all of them.

    I’m hoping Rachel wins something and then gets her competitive fire back and kicks some ass! She’s right, she’s been totally sucking at the competitions lately. Hasn’t won anything in ages.

  13. This was a much needed change of pace from other websites I have seen the last few days!! You have nailed this week perfectly without being viscious about it!! And the photocap is downright HILARIOUS!! Thank you!!

  14. I think the reason that this season is so bad and so ugly is because BB keeps bringing the same people back for another chance. Why? Have they run out of new people to choose from? What happened to the original concept of the BB game, that they put 14 (or some amount of) “STRANGERS” in a house to live together and play the game together. When they keep bringing the same people back, (A) they know way too much about the game and Production to the point where they can actually predict what competitions are next, what questions will be asked and even what twists will be thrown at them and (B) most of them now know each other personally in real life and therefore know how each other plays the game, they know how to push each others buttons to knock each other off their game and they know what each of them is capable of in the game. They are all desperate to win and they are really frustrated and they are just plain mean and angry that things didn’t go the way they were so sure they should.

    So BB has turned into a Soap Opera instead of the Social Experiment it once was. Please Big Brother, go back to having strangers play the game next season. We all know exactly how Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, Jordon, Dick, Dani and even Jesse (I am still waiting to see him enter the house for another twist) play Big Brother. They all came back and played the the game the exact same way they played it before and it is getting really boring. Why did they even bother bringing in these newbies anyway? They could have just started the game with the six Vets and let them attack each other for 5 weeks instead of 10 and at least CBS wouldn’t have these newbies getting in the Vets way.

    I don’t think that CBS ever anticipated that Jeff & Jordon would ever team up with Rachel & Brendon. I think they were really counting on the game being Jeff & Jordon against Dick & Dani against Rachel & Brendon and then have the three teams divy up the newbies, (kind of like a game of kickball) to use strategically, like chess pieces, to push themselves to the end of the game. Then CBS could have called it Good vs Evil vs Crazy! hehe

  15. I like the production’s manipulation for two reasons. 1. They do it because they know what will be more interesting for us and try to make that happen. 2. It’s not 100 % production. They can sway and convince all they want but, shelly was not forced to vote out jeff, porsche was not forced to open pandoras box, and theres no guarentee jeff or rachel will even win veto. If it still leaves it up to the housemates while making it more interesting, im okay with that.

  16. Jordan is the ultimate floater, why should she win anything! This show is so fixed it is sickening!!!

  17. Very good article and hiliarous PHOTOCAP. Just my 2 cents ๐Ÿ™‚
    This season has been the worst in many ways:

    THE WORST CAST I’VE EVER SEEN. You have 8 newbies who shut down their entire game play in week 1 because they were too scared to go against the oh so powerful vetrans. I’ve never seen an alliance crumble so fast in my life. Also, when it was time to make big moves, the threat of anyone coming after them made them fold like a cheap tent and make the dumbest moves (i.e. Lawon)

    THE WORST PRODUCTION MANIPULATION. We all know there is always production manipulation in this game (i.e. Coup D’Etat, Pandora’s Box, etc.), but this season has been so blantanly obvious about it, it’s stupid, especially people who watch live feeds. Danielle was the most vocal about it. She would name names of people in production who were her good friends, she knew the twist of Brenden coming back, trying to telepathically send it to Kahlia. What Danielle really wanted to say to Kahlia was “LOOK, Brenden is coming back to the game, so let’s vote out Rachel”, but even though she knew, she couldn’t say anything. Also, vets getting more stipend money than the rest, the vets getting to eat in the DR while on slop, the list goes on.

    Someone in an earlier thread said it best. Big Brother is becoming a Soap Opera more than a game. Big Brother, get back to the basics of the real intent of this game. Strangers in a house trying to fight, claw, lie, cheat, steal, or float their way to $500K with no advantage over one another. It would be nice to see again ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Sure there may be some producer manipulation to keep Rachel and Jordan in the game, but you have to realize that the Pandora’s Box Duos twist is a necessary, but not sufficient, precondition for keeping both vets in the game. The twist gives Rachel and Jordan a second chance, but it does not absolutely guarantee Rachel and Jordan’s safety.

  19. Big Brother wake up!! Stop bringing back people who have played. Its boring and predictable. This game is supposed to be about total strangers thrown together to fight their way to the prize. Alison G – Take BB back to its roots for the love of god. You’re really doing a poor job keeping it interesting.

  20. Just when they pushed me away (Brendon coming back) … they pulled me back in (Jeff getting evicted). And then punched me in the face like Matthew Fox does to women. Like I’ve typed about 10 times all ready this year, if they wanted to give Jordan and Jeff $500,000 dollars they should have just given it to them and brought back someone else. Outstanding recaps, they were the funniest so far this year I think ๐Ÿ˜€ Love Jeff saying “Am I supposed to believe for one second that Adam hatched a strategic idea?โ€ That right there made Jeff in actuality know Shelly was lying lol. Thank you for scrutinizing Jordan this update some more, and I think it could have gone even further. I’m about ready for ABC or NBC to buy Big Brother if CBS is going to continue doing this manipulation crap in the future. What’s the point of even watching?

  21. I think Rachel will win over Jordan. Jordan has already won $500k. Rachel is much more likeable this season (I loved her and found her very entertaining her first season, but i understand that not everyone did).

    She was not as Skanky as Natalie from BB9. Jordan has not really been playing the game and admitted that she just came back because of Jeff. Go Rach! Eveyone else there has me snoring. If Rachel doesnt win,, i hope it is Jordan, Porsche, or Adam, in that order.

  22. I’ve said it before but the U.S. Big Brother should be as entertaining and clever as the Aussie BB was. I watched three season live on line and it continually was more entertaining than the U.S. version.
    Alas, the Aussie BB is no more since they had to give up their production building to the amusement park next door.

    1. no, bbaus is no more because of a decline in ratings which makes it obvious that tips should not be taken from it. lol i dont want ours cancelled

  23. For all those numnuts who keep saying the game is “rigged,” Was it rigged when Dani & Jeff walked out the door? Huuuuh??? Yeah, that’s right.

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