There were many food festivals in Los Angeles this past weekend, and I sadly was only able to make it to The Get Up LA in Silver Lake. I was there on the early side; so it hadn’t quite filled up yet, but as I left, more people were coming in, including none other than Jaleel White (a.k.a. Steve Urkel himself), and so while other events may have pulled Top Chef clout, I believe this was the only one with some live, in-person ’90s nostalgia.

Anyway, pics from The Get Up LA, including a disastrous egg incident, after the jump…

The event was held at the Medusa Lounge, in the middle of a scenic stretch of Historic Filipino Town.

One of the organizers, Lindsey DeWitt mans the door authoritatively.

Food trucks! Confession: up until this day, I had never actually eaten from a gourmet food truck. I had, however, once enjoyed a burger or two from something my coworkers and I had affectionately termed “The Roach Coach.”

The Border Grill truck seemed to be the most popular, but given that I hadn’t eaten anything yet, I opted for the breakfast offerings at the Buttermilk Truck.

For $5, I got me a breakfast sandwich and a rosemary hash brown thing. First ever food truck dining experience about to commence!

Disaster! Okay, so I was served a RUNNY breakfast sandwich, which isn’t always the best thing when you’re seeking out portable food. I took one bite, and it literally exploded egg all over my shirt, my shorts, and the floor.

A better glimpse of the damage. I should note that the sandwich was okay — nothing special — and the potato side was so aggressively bland that I had to actually throw it out. $5 wasted at the Buttermilk truck.

I decided to reward myself with an ice cream sandwich at Coolhaus. I was shocked to see no chocolate offerings. I tried a fig & marscapone ice cream which was rather nice and a Thai iced tea offering that was okay (but a mere shade of Milk’s version). What to do?

Ah ha! Turns out there was a chocolate/Nutella option that was unlisted, and since I asked for something chocolate, the guy said he’d give it to me as a “secret” flavor. It was definitely the best of the ones I tried; although, I didn’t see the logic in hiding what would be a major seller. As you can see, I opted for a cookie sandwich, which was nice, except that the cookie rapidly fell apart, causing me to leave a Hansel & Gretel path of cookie chunks wherever I walked. Tasty, but the $5 price tag was a bit steep. Worth it though in the heat.

My friends Julia, Lea, and Thom hamming it up.

Sita Young, one of my regular Housewife Hoedown guests, hawking her bow line, titled Bowjie.

Aforementioned bows.

A random craft.

Me modeling a bow.

Bowjie shenanigans.

At this point, I was done with my ice cream, and I was too hot; so I decided to peace out. A fun time had by all though… (Sorry, missed a chance to take a pic with Jaleel White).

Aaaaaaand a picture of my elevator floor I took by accident.

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  1. I wish that Princess Kate could see the pic of you rocking that bow whilst sporting a stain on Big Pippa. There must be a royal wedding metaphor in there somewhere.

  2. With all the food/booze events you attend I am SHOCKED – SHOCKED I say – that you don’t own a Tide detergent pen. It fits in your pocket and would’ve kicked that egg mess in the butt. I have two kids and mine has been used to mucho satisfaction every time. Time to start carrying one in your pocket. You can even become a party hero should another person spill.

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