Today is 7-11 (actually, it’s 7-11-11), which can only mean one thing: free Slurpees! 7 Eleven is giving away free 7.11 oz (get it?) Slurpees, and at some stores in Los Angeles, there will be Slurpee-themed contests. Winners can be eligible to have a truck come to their house for eighty-four days of free Slurpees. Sounds a bit intense for me, but hey, if you get off on brain freezes, then get on it!

Confession: I’ve never had a Slurpee before. I’ve also never eaten Taco Bell. Perhaps today I’ll cross one of those off my bucket list…

4 replies on “Free Slurpees Today!”

  1. I had never had a Slurpee until last year’s free Slurpee day. And I have not had one since last year’s free Slurpee Day.

    It’s like an Icee. If you’ve had an Icee, you’ve had a Slurpee.

    Except Slurpee has more flavors. Oh and Slurpee you pour it yourself. And the free cup is smaller than a regular cup.

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