When Carmageddon strikes Los Angeles this weekend, locals may find themselves stuck in whatever corner of the city they find themselves. This could be very bad news for anyone who needs to get from, say, the South Bay to the the Valley, or vice versa.

Well, travelers fear not! You can now FLY over the gridlock thanks to JetBlue. That’s right, the airliner is offering flights from Burbank to Long Beach (and the other way around) on Saturday, July 16th. And it’ll only cost you $4 each way! That’s cheaper than a DAMN CAB RIDE FROM MY HOUSE TO HOLLYWOOD AND VINE (ie. one mile). No word on whether or not the trip includes Terra Blue Chips.

Be sure to book now! There are only four flights total…


Thanks to @Erin_Murphy for the heads up…

3 replies on “Fly Over Carmageddon with JetBlue!”

  1. Wait. Why are the shutting down a big freeway? I’m from the midwest. Where parts of our major highways are shut down all the time. I’m having a glorious vision of shutting down large portions of these major freeways for two straight days on a weekend instead of partially shut down ALL. THE. TIME.

    Please tell me this is why. No, don’t. We aren’t smart enough to be efficient. So knowing someone else does it will only make me bitter.

    OK, tell me.

  2. Kelly — The 405 is being shut down for a major bridge/overpass demolition. The bridge that’s replacing it will be built in sections, but there’s no way for them to demolish and remove it in pieces for whatever reason.

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