We’re baaaaaack. After a brief hiatus, Lisa and I have recorded a new episode of Banter with Ben and Lisa. On this latest edition, we talk about exercise, and yes, I speak at great length about my current torture: P90x. The two of us discuss the program, especially the grueling yoga portion, as well as other exercise trends such as bar method and cardio bar. There’s also talk of gourmet food trucks and handsome doctors.

Take a listen, and remember you can subscribe to the podcast from the iTunes store here.


2 replies on “Ep. 19: Banter with Ben and Lisa”

  1. Awesome shout out to Canada! Have either of you had real Canadian poutine? It is amazing! Completely unhealthy, but amazing 🙂

    I was so happy to see a new podcast! I was just starting to listen from the beginning again because I was going through banter blender withdrawal!!

  2. I use just a few of the P90x videos for my workouts. I skip the kenpo, yoga, and legs stuff.

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