What a strange world we live in: Lawon became slightly less terrible, I’m rooting for Daniele Donato, and according to Porche, what I always thought to be the elbow is actually the shoulder. Who knew? Yes, bizarre happenings on the latest Big Brother, and all of them were entertaining. From watching Rachel bite it during a ridiculous running session around the backyard to seeing Adam prance around in an elf-costume, we definitely were left with some entertaining visuals tonight.

Perhaps the most satisfying image of all (aside from the aforementioned Rachel tumble) was seeing Daniele take home the victory during the endurance Head of Household competition. Sure, she was a little cocky up on those skis, but her snottiness was well-deserved, especially with the rest of the house rooting against her and Kalia.

I must ask questions now. How did Kalia become so universally despised by the vets? I mean, sure she knew about the Jeff and Jordan backdoor scheme, but did that really warrant her being given the proverbial scarlet letter? Maybe it’s just that she ran her mouth with Brendon out on the lawn. Methinks there’s more to this story than what’s made it to air. Commenters, feel free to fill me in since I haven’t been following the feeds super closely (that’s all changing now though because I just ordered Showtime for Big Brother After Dark. Obsessed).

Either way, Brenchel certainly hates Kalia, repeatedly calling her a superfloater. They also insisted that she was a “nobody” outside of the house, an attack with the laughable implications that Brendon and Rachel are actually “somebodies.” Nevertheless, Brenchel enjoyed an obligatory post-loss pouting session in which they complained about Kalia, complained about Daniele, and probably complained about the fabric in that awful purple room. Nothing is fair for them: it’s not fair that floaters waft along, going with the flow; it’s not fair that people like Daniele make big moves. I’m not sure what constitutes acceptable gameplay for these two, but as far as I can tell, there’s very little that does.

Once the HOH competition was over, the episode settled into a rather calm groove. The house endured Daniele’s HOH room reveal, Rachel fell on her face, and Lawon shared a rather poignant story about coming out to his grandmother. It was a rather refreshing scene because for once, Lawon wasn’t yelling loud proclamations at the camera like a low-rent Queen of Jordan impersonation. Of course, there was still plenty of that on the episode, but for at least three minutes, he was tolerable. Even likable. (According to live feeds watchers, this is the real Lawon, not the silly caricature that CBS presents us with).

Nevertheless, the Vets all pled their cases to Daniele, and in the end, she wound up nominating Brendon and Rachel. It was a strong play, but I couldn’t help thinking that an even better move would have been to put up Brendon and Jeff instead. Such a move would have forced the Vets to campaign against each other, and from the inevitable chaos, surely Daniele could have taken the bullseye off her back. Oh well.

“Beverly Hills 90210? More like 9021-SNOW! Get it? Get it? Ah, I kill me.”

“Y’all don’t mind me. I’m just auditioning for CSI: Aspen.”

“HOOO-WEEE! That skiing was CAH-RAY-ZEEE!!!”

“And here I thought my arms would be strong enough to support me. You know that means: not huggin’ enough people.”

“Rachel, I’m sorry I fell.”
“That’s okay, Booki. I think it’s cute that you’re a failure. Now go find me an igloo to cry in.”

“Can we never stop hugging?”
“Um, ain’t no hug getting between me and MY man!”

“I wish I were somewhere much warmer. Maybe I should charter a plane piloted by my good friend Mr. John TRAVOOLLLLLTAAAAAAA!!!!!”

“I don’t know if I can last. My shoulders really hurt. And as well know, the shoulders are attached to the feet.”

“My arms really hurt a lot. I hope I don’t go to a hospital. Hospitals make me think of sick people, and sick people make me think of medicine. And my favorite medicine is, like, Vicks Vapor Rub, and that makes me think of Michael Vick, and Michael Vick plays football, and oh my gosh, the Bengals totally traded Chad Ochocinco to the Patriots!”

“Yetis grab a snowball!!!!”

“Gosh, my shoulders gave out, which is funny because I don’t even know what shoulders are.”

“Here you go. Take your key. Congratulations. BITCH.”

“It’s not fair. All I want right now is a catalog from Crabtree and Evelyn.”

“Daniele, we don’t want you to nominate us; so just settle down, DJ Tanner.”

“Ain’t no raised patio getting between me and MY run!”

“Joggers grab your Band-Aids!!”

“By the way, Jeff, I totally saw your balls.”

“Booki! This is awful! I hate this food as much as I love science, WHICH I LOVE!”

“Houseguests, you are now all to vote on how comfortable you feel about having my vajayjay so close to so many sardines.”

“Daniele, I’m coming in for a hug whether you like it or not.”
“You tell her, Booki!”

Brendon: “ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod it’s happening.”

Brendon: “Yesssssss.”
Rachel: “Bitch.”

“The one thing we hate more than floaters are people who make big moves. So… basically we hate everyone.”

“Brendon and Rachel, this isn’t personal. It’s just… well… yeah, it’s personal.”

What did you think about the episode? Glad to see Daniele in power?

28 replies on “BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: A Slippery Slope for the Vets?”

  1. Don’t ever stop the Jordan stuff.

    Her randomly coming to correct conclusions about stuff outside of the house has me ROLLING every time.

  2. Anyone else catch Shelly pulling a Lawon about how CAH-RAY-ZEE the house has been lately? Lawon’s -isms are starting to spread like a disease… uh oh!

  3. LOL. OMG….best photocap yet!

    Now, to answer some of your questions…

    I do feel bad about the whole Lawon situation. His gameplay kinda sucks and he dresses really bad….but on a personal level he seems pretty fine.

    Kalia on the other hand sucks at the game and as a person. She never stops running her mouth and she eats all the food. She is truly awful.

    Big Brother usually brings out the worst in me….this season is no exception because I’m sickened that i’m actually supporting a Donato. I still don’t like her though.

    1. Isn’t she eating food that someone else has made? She never lifts a finger to make the food, but once someone makes it, she’s there to eat it…

      I laughed so hard when Rachel bit it while jogging. It was like she was making a point to jog in front of Jeff to break his and Jordan’s conversation up, but she fell almost in his lap instead.

      1. Its an amazing strategy. She is well on her way to consuming 500,000 dollars worth of fajitas and burgers.

  4. Yahoo—a Jeff-ism is back 😛 Full House no less 🙂

    Lawon is pretty much how Jordan described him last night in the DR. Although, a lot of them are becoming easily annoyed by him because he’s ‘floating’ and really does nothing.

    As mentioned, Kalia runs her mouth a lot–she doesn’t shut up basically. She also runs from person to person sharing information she learned. A bit of a tattle tail!

  5. I don’t have the feeds, but from what I can piece together from all the spoiler forums; when Kalia’s mouth isn’t full of food she basically just spills everyone’s beans to anyone she just happens to be sitting with.

    While Brenchel annoy me to no end, the thing I can’t stand the most about them is that they bash anyone who actually tries to play the game. They hate the game players and the floaters. The only people they like are those who mindlessly do everything they order them to do…like Shelly (oh, don’t even get me started on her!).

  6. I just wanted to rewatch the part where Rachel falls, also because I had no idea Daniele wore such a skimpy bikini o.o So thank you for that. Great recaps 😀

  7. It’s funny how Jordan got a pass for eating cookie dough incessantly on her season but Kahlia is constantly described as fat cow.This is also Kahlia’s first time on big brother and the first time she probably has been under the stress of this type of enviroment unlike the vet’s who have all done it before.

    Sooo if someone offers you food you should turn it down because that’s rude.. but offering someone food you really didn’t want to give them in the first place then after they accept your invitation you talk crap about how greedy they are is okay..hmm don’t understand how that works but okay.It’s also funny how the cow seemed to hang longer on the wall than any of the people in superb shape.

    I also find it interesting that Shelly seems to be really interested in the background of Kahlia’s lifestyle because she “speaks eloquently and must have had some kind of training”. I know it might come as a shock to Shelly but there are middle class black people and they can be doctors,lawyers,and writers. I wouldn’t expect her to understand that though because it seems she get’s all her info from Fox News and Glen Beck.

    1. Well Jordan was talked about constantly about eating cookie dough, and it wasn’t cookie dough that SOMEONE ELSE MADE.

      Love the photocaps!

    2. The problem with that food thing is, Kalia eats peoples food even when they DON’T offer it. Someone had made themselves a plate of food and when they turned to go get something out of the fridge Kalia just started eating out of the plate. This happend all the time which is the main cause of people saying she is always eating.

      And she is also a non stop blabbermouth. She does run from person to person talking smack or blabbing things others have told her. It doesnt matter what side it is either. I watched the feeds for a couple of hours last night and she literally did not stop talking for more than 5 minutes the entire time. And if someone tried to add thier two cents she just interupts or talks over them. Its just getting to be too much.

    3. The other problem with Kalia eating other people’s food (whether it’s offered to her or not) is she never cleans up after herself! There’s sort of an unspoken rule that if someone else cooks, you clean up. She’s lazy, she hoovers everything in, and she’s unappreciative.

      Oh, and she plays the race card. “Everyone’s coming down on me because I’m black”. Right. OK. Maybe everyone’s coming down on you because you DO NOTHING BUT EAT AND TALK. She never shuts up!

      Have you actually read any of Kalia’s writing? It’s horrendous. And her lack of writing skills has nothing to do with her skin colour.

    4. OMG!! Enough with the RACE CARD!! Kahlia *plays* those enough on the show!! And it’s NOT that she eats, (what everyone ELSE makes!)…….it’s just that she’s the last one to cook OR clean for anyone else! She NEVER shuts up! She interrupts EVERYONE’S conservation and acts like hers is the only one that matters! Anyone telling a story…..*Kahlia’s* is always BIGGER or BETTER than theirs! (YOU really need to watch more of the *BB After Dark* on Showtime 2, before you say anything!!

  8. Kalia not only talks non-stop, but she is one of those who always has a story to ‘one up’ yours. She never lifts a finger to help around the house, has admitted to peeing in the hot tub and used the toilet in the common bathroom even though the TP was missing, thus dripping all around the seat and the floor. Of course, she neglected to clean up after herself. She has parked her butt in the HOH room as if she were the one who earned the spot, and grazes on the HOH basket as if it were her own. Then she had the nerve to pull the race card when she complained that no one likes her.

    1. LOL….loved the grazing reference. I didn’t know about the hot tub and TP incidents!

    2. LOL….loved the grazing reference. I didn’t know about the hot tub and TP incidents!!

  9. Jordan was definitely called a fat cow during BB11. Kahlia is MISERABLE. Daniele has made her totally safethis week- but it’s all about her, and “like, the pressure, like, I’m totally public enemy number 1, like maybe 2, and like , nobody knows, like….” Kahlia finds Kahlia fascinating! She never shuts up; it’s ALL about her.

  10. Kalia told everyone she was a vegetarian when she first entered the house.
    Lately she has been shoveling all kinds of flesh products into her mouth and when called out about it her response was “since I have been off slop I have little choice so I will just go back when I get out of here” .. I assume she means that since other people are cooking she has no choice but to eat whatever they make and that she will return to her veggie diet once she can get restaurants to make her food for her. But frankly I think Kalia has a Double Double from In ‘N Out at least once a week.


  11. My problem with people’s comments of Kalia, is that because she eats–she’s a cow. That makes no sense. Because she eats other people’s food, doesn’t make her a cow. Why isn’t Adam a cow? He weighs a lot more than her, despite losing 100 lbs before he entered the show. As someone mentioned, she’s likely eating out of stress and boredom. I don’t think she should be stealing other people’s food, or not cleaning up etc. I just think it’s a bit of a double standard that she’s a cow, when there are others in the house who are more overweight than she is. She really isn’t big!

    1. One generally doesn’t call people that are at least somewhat likeable horrible names.

    2. I’m far from waif-like myself so my calling Kalia a cow would be a pot meet kettle kind of deal, BUT, regardless of her size, the fact remains that she seems to do little else in that house but eat and blab. I think the cow references have more to do with her graze-like tendencies than they do to her size. But then that’s just my humble opinion so take it for what it’s worth.

  12. Awesome Photocaps!!! I can see why people who don’t have the live feeds may feel Kahlia is unfairly judged but she’s not. My problem with Kahlia is that she NEVER EVER stops talking! She talks over everyone, talks to herself, talks about everyone, interrupts others, always has a bigger, better story, lies about knowing celebrities and talks, talks, talks…never allowing anyone else to get a word in. If Kahlia is awake, she’s talking with food in her mouth smacking and crunching into the microphone which is hard to take on the live feeds. She doesn’t cook, eats the food others have prepared without asking and demands the others cook extra food for her. They all complain about it.

    I’ve been a fan since season 1 and have never been so annoyed by a houseguest. I turn off the live feeds when she’s on because I am sick of hearing her talk. Someone needs to tell her she doesn’t need to talk every single second of every day.

    She also doesn’t clean up her own dishes or clean the house. Shelley tried to discuss this with her to help her and last night she did clean the kitchen for the first time. Kahlia likes to be waited on hand and foot and never helps out. I’m surprised there hasn’t been more said to her to her face about it. They all discuss it among themselves. This is why comments have been made about her feeling entitled or being spoiled. It has absolutely nothing to do with her being a black woman.

    She’s a pretty woman and could be so likeable if she would just shut up once in a while and stop smacking and eating constantly!

    Jordan has an amazing mind. I’m a teacher and have felt since her season that she has learning disabilites, possibly dyslexia and ADHD. Her brother is dyslexic. She thinks things through in a way most of us don’t but she gets there. I don’t like people calling her stupid or dumb. I think that’s so unfair. I spoke with her on the phone during a call in show her season and asked her a few questions that verified to me that she does have some learining disabilites, but I don’t think she’s “stupid” or “dumb”. I also don’t like those who say she floated to the end and was “given” her win. That’s BS! She has one of the best social games of all the BB HG’s since season 1. Why is it so hard to believe she is a genuinely nice person? Many criticize her and say she’s a fake. No, she isn’t. What you see is what she’s like in real life…a truly kind, good-hearted person with morals and values and common sense. What’s wrong with that? I say shame on those who judge Jordan and call her stupid. She won her season and has spent her winnings wisely, saving most of it and buying her Mom a house so she, her brother and Mom would have a home of their own. Please give her a break!

  13. I don’t know if its been mentioned, but I can’t remember a season that had more college shirts/sweatshirts worn. And I wonder how Yale and UCLA etc feel about being repped by some of these people.

    Big Brother After Dark is addicting…even when there is nothing going on. I can’t look away.

  14. Ummmm…not sure how helpful this is going to be….but I think “eats like a cow is appropriate.

    But “eating like a cow” is more akin to “chewing its cud” the 2nd stomach, constantly eating, constantly chewing, constantly moving mouth. I give Kalia 2 thumbs “way up”…on this particular idiom.

    Now, eats like a horse is more in reference to quantity. And don’t get me started with “eats like a pig”…I once watched pig eat thru mud urine and feces to get at it’s slop (I believe this is more of a noisy eater or greedy eater reference.

    1. LOL Touche!…….. CalifCyclone!! Loved your post!! It’s *STILL* a Kalia…..anyway you look at it!! ={ ))

  15. Does anyone remember a past BB houseguest – Jerry?
    Everyone that didn’t have the feeds loved Jerry, and thought he was this great old guy. BB gave him a great edit. The feed watchers knew better!
    Kalia comes off on the show differently than on the feeds.

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