Before Taylor Armstrong was known as that woman from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills getting divorced, she was merely friends with Linda Thompson, a.k.a. Brody’s Mom. And just as Linda Thompson has made several cameos in Taylor’s world on RHoBH, Taylor, it turns out, has made at least one appearance on The Hills.

Pics of Taylor’s MTV debut after the jump…

Back on season four of The Hills, Stephanie Pratt and Doug Reinhardt had a secret date on the episode “When’s Lauren’s Away.” Here they are getting busted by Brody’s mom.

Who, pray tell, is that shadowy blonde wafting into frame?

Why, it’s Taylor, inexplicably enthusiastic about something or another. Her chompers are ready to inhale the entire assembled party.

Now she’s calming down a little.

Finally, Taylor catches the light.

And as always, after the initial excitement of the moment, sadness returns to her eyes.

It’s a great moment until Linda breaks up the party.

Nice cameo-ing, Taylor!

Thanks to reader Amelia for the tip!

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  1. You’re right. Taylor looks almost normal when standing next to Linda Thompson-Jenner. Linda is one over-lifted-botoxed scary-faced lady IMO. That’s explains why I didn’t even notice Taylor. I would like to see Audrinna Patridge’s mom on RHoBH. Now she would be fun!

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