13 replies on “VIDEO: Michaele Salahi Sings, Makes LuAnn Look Like Mariah”

  1. What’s that old saying about fooling me twice means I’m a fool? I didn’t watch, so it doesn’t apply. The other ones you’ve posted made my ears bleed already, I didn’t want to risk further injury.

  2. 1. She forgot her pants, maybe she and Sonja got the same designer?

    2. “I’m alone on the dance floor tonight” Maybe its because you are singing?

  3. I think she was wearing that blonde from Atlanta’s wig and it inhabited her soul. Talk about wigging out! Bloody horrible.

    I’ll never get that 10 seconds back..and the only fun part was watching her try to walk in those CFMPs.

  5. Why is the UPS guy rapping with her? Did he just wander on stage to help out that caterwauling mess? Blurg.

    1. I’m sure one of her favorite movies is Legally Blonde where the one hairdresser is in love with a UPS guy… So, she thinks UPS guys are sexy.

  6. This is the funniest thing I have ever seen. We can’t stop watching it! It just get’s funnier and funnier. And then to read all the comments about the UPS guy, which is what we called him too, is hysterical.

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