As some of you may know, my friend Katie has landed herself a full-on reality show called The Nail Files on the TV Guide Channel, and guess what? It premieres tomorrow night! The series revolves around Katie and her nail salon, The Painted Nail, and in an attempt to get the word out, TV Guide held a little press junket at the PN (that’s what I call it when I’m trying to sound cool) and invited various members of the media to receive their own complimentary manicures. I’m never one to turn down a freebie, especially if it helps promote my friend’s business / reality show. And so I traveled on over to The Painted Nail and submitted myself to my first ever manicure. Pictures of the experience after the jump…

Inside the salon. Manicures in progress.

Free champagne. Always a strong way to start any event.

My left hand, pre-manicure.

The right hand, ready for pampering.

Putting the “before hand” in beforehand.

My lovely manicurist.

A towel enters the fray. It had nice ply.

Expressing enthusiasm as the process begins.

I definitely enjoy this part of the process, which has my fingers soaking in some hot, bubbly solution for several minutes.

Clearly I’m enrapt.

I believe some buffing and/or polishing is happening at this moment.

A picture of me gabbing away about who knows what.

Here comes the shine.

Katie insisted that I get at least one nail painted a color. Before I knew it, I was getting something called starlight and midnight (or something like that) applied. I felt so very emo.

My fancy pinky.

The left hand, manicured.

The shiny right hand.

Final product.

Showing off my pinky with Katie.

Katie posing with one of the ads for her show.

And so ended my first manicure. I’m happy to report my fingers look shiny and lovely, and more importantly, I’ve now seen The Nail Files, and it’s actually pretty funny! You all should tune in tomorrow night. Who knows: maybe you might see me in an episode down the line.

6 replies on “My First Ever Manicure, Courtesy of ‘The Nail Files’”

  1. I am watching her commercials with unabashed excitement. I have girl crushed on her since the time she made fun of the dude in the banana suit at the AI auditions.


  2. I’ve been seeing the commericials, and thought it was your friend, but wasn’t totally sure. Thanks for the confirmation, I’m totally going to watch now!

  3. Love the wall color–the salon looks very nice! I’m also glad you showed a pre-manicure shot of your gnarly man hands and then showed your nicely manicured hands. 😉

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