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We taped a special Friday episode of Housewife Hoedown this week, and of course we just had to spend the bulk of our time talking about LuAnn and Alex from The Real Housewives of New York City. Of course, we covered much more, including New Jersey and a smidgen of O.C. too.

Next week is the season finale of the web show; so be sure to check it out at its normal time: 12:30 PM PDT at http://talkmedianetworks.com/live. You can also call in at 424-238-0611 and subscribe to the show on iTunes here.

15 replies on “HOUSEWIFE HOEDOWN, Episode 25: All About LuAnn”

  1. I can’t imagine siding with LuAnn who is a total snob. I always feel like the guy from Yahoo tries to take over Bens show. Bring back the girl from last week and Flipit much more fun than the yahoo guy.

      1. Thanks for the update. It’s not that I dislike Matt or that I think you always need to agree but I often feel like he is dismissive of your opinions (which I usually share) and it starts to feel like it’s about his opinion and not yours or whoever else is on the panel that day.

  2. I love Matt. I agree with Matt 99% of the time. I think B-side and Matt have great conversations because you don’t agree with eachother. Makes for a great show. I love Flipit also. Especially when you did the Miami Hoes, very funny.

  3. bside, i really hope you respond to this post! ***shameless begging**
    i have watched ALL the housewive hoedowns and read your blogs everyday. i really love the housewives hoedown! i could probably watch it for hours on end! i wish i could join in on the convo! i agree, i really like matt, but i think you need to switch it up! you make me laugh all the time! i almost always agree with your point of view, and i am forever jealous that you have met lisa vanderpump!
    that is all! just wanted to let you know you do have some real fans out there!

  4. I post over on the alleged “hate blog.” It’s not that evil. They recap all of the RHW franchises. But, when NY is running of course there will be more comments about Jill and her escapades. It’s not all about Jill bashing. They pretty much think Tamra and Vicki are just as vile.

    The thing about Jill is that she thinks she can use the media (anonymously sometimes) to say and do things to people she doesn’t like. Everything’s a game with her. If you cross her or simply disagree with her she’ll post something nasty on Twitter or Facebook. I’m sure everyone knows about her pseudonym and fake Amazon reviews by now. In short, she wrote glowing reviews for her own book and bashed Alex and Bethanny’s books. She has people do her dirty work for her. Her nephew sent “mean tweets” to people who didn’t like her. There is lots of crazy stuff she’s done that I just can believe an adult would think to do. She’s a piece of work.

    If Jill can use the media to her advantage to injure or just plain mess with people why can other people just state opinions about her and her activities? That’s all they’re doing over there.

  5. Oh, and people go to blogs like IHJZ to vent because BravoTv.com NEVER posts their comments. Only the “Oh, I love you. You’re the best. Everyone is such a hater.” stuff gets posted. This is on everyone’s blog comments not just Jill’s. The Bravo site pretty much sucks.

  6. It is obvious that LuAnn’s childhood was less than affluent ! My guess would be that she was raised in a small brick rambler full of six or seven siblings with parents supporting them while working their blue-collar jobs ! People who grow up with “means” are never as tasteless as to use words like “class” or refer to everyone as “Dahling”. It’s embarrassing. They would certainly NEVER refer to themselves as “Countess” or admonish a friend because they were introduced by their first name to the chauffeur! I have been in company of individuals who possess “inherited titles” from the UK who simply introduce themselves by their first/last name. My own mother was titled. She simply introduced herself as Catherine. It is also said LuAnn that if you use the word “Class” in a sentence, then you have none. LuAnn, take note. It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. You are a snob. ALSO, FYI…. “One” never wishes a bride “Congratulations”! “One” congratulates the groom. “One” says, “Best Wishes” to a bride. Add that to your book darling. Oh…and leave the affected accent at home. It’s annoying!

  7. I love Matt! His and your dynamic, Bside makes for an interesting show because you guys give us several points of view.

    ‘Sonja’s house has to be ‘gutted.’ LOL I think that Sonja and her husband haven’t separated their assets yet so Sonja doesn’t really know how much she owns..that’s why she is confused in terms of her balance sheet (asset/liability ratio). Her lawyer probably told her to file bankruptcy on her business/production company in the wake of the $7 million budget against her. (This may be separate from her personal assets, since we learned from Alexis Bellino that one can put a house in a business name to protect their other assets when foreclosure/bankruptcy is inevitable.)

    Alex has been meddling all season for camera time. How embarrassing! She has no legitimate beef with Luann, she is interfering in on Ramona/Luann’s beef. Just as she, Alex, meddled with Jill’s decision to not include Ramona in her focus group by gossiping to Ramona about it. Get a life, Alex! Develop a real storyline and you won’t have to put your nose in everyone else’s business.

    Luann wasn’t in the wrong, imo. She isn’t fake. She never pretended to be Alex’s friend. They never really filmed together as friends, but Luann was always cordial. Even in the 1st season, when Ramona flipped out when Simon showed up during ‘Ladies Night’, Luann checked Ramona and told her to make Simon feel comfortable. Remember? So, for Alex to create enemies on Ramona’s behalf is just foolish. Alex was aggressive, insincere, and uncouth. I would shut her down, too. Or ‘dismiss her’. LOL

    Kelly’s hair? She has a youtube vid where she soaks it in vodka. Grey Goose, natch.

    Avery loves David! But she is aware of the cameras so she didn’t want to admit it. (he’s the Sebastian of NYC Prep!) Avery shut down the poor girl who brought David up as Avery’s paramour. Deflect, deflect, deflect! Poor David is going to be so confused when he see the episode.

    Bside, I had my after-prom at the Copacabana. I love your NY-ness! 

    Luann’s daughter, Victoria is a bit awkward. She’s pretty..a little masculine, though. No? Not just the voice..the shoulders, the mannerisms..she’s a softball player in the making. (Wink, wink)
    But I noticed that she wore a different dress than the short one she tried on at the store. Did anyone else see it? It wasn’t just altered, it was completely different. hmmm…

  8. Bside, you’re right..Kelly relates with the young girls more because she is so immature. She’s awkward and inarticulate with the other women because she can’t relate to adults. She’s not intelligent and gets flustered often. But with young girls, Kelly feels right at home. I can imagine her sitting on a pillow on the floor of a prepubescent pajama party, painting her nails, and squealing when a girl accuses another of liking Bobby Trevose. “Ewww! Bobby? He’s like, totally, second string on the junior varsity football team!” Oh, Kelly.

    Simon looks like an addict. Point blank. Not just cigarettes. Crack, maybe? Or just cheap grain liquor. Lots of it.

    I agree, B-side. The I Hate Jill Zarin site is creepy and vicious. Sure, you can hate a housewife..but to dedicate so much time to tearing someone down, especially just one housewife, is just too much. Cyberbullying to the extreme. Lame, too. Simon and Alex met with the blogger when they landed in Chicago for their book tour and even took pics together. Simon then went on to post on the site so he can’t deny total culpability. Both Alex and the blogger mentioned this on Bravo and the bate blog, respectively.

    Matt, you can catch Albie, Chris, and Greg on webisodes called Boys to Manzo. Don’t know how much of it features Greg, though. I tell you who it *won’t* feature..the forgotten sibling, Lauren. I feel bad for those burdened by vaginas in Jersey Italian families. They just can’t catch a break. Even as in-laws.

    –Sorry, this was so long, but I was so excited to unload. Bside, I’m sad you’re season finale will come before the NYC reunion. I hear it’s a doozy!

  9. @sacra… i always love to read your opinions, good to see you on this site too! i totes agrees that simon has some other addiction. no WAY that cigarettes can make you look that tore up! dude looks rough!!!! im guessing that he is an alcoholic. does anyone know what he does for work? i think he has the worst eye bags that i have every seen in my life!

    i agree that alex need to butt the f out of the ramona and luann drama. however, i cannot be on team luann. she is a joke! she is extremely condenscing and has become a caricature of herself.

    did anyone see the wwhl with jill? she called ramona “gross”

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