Bravo’s much-hyped songwriting competition Platinum Hit premiered last night, and while I didn’t have any inherent interest in it, I was stuck on my couch and unwilling to reach for my remote; so I watched it. My feelings were largely positive — positive enough to set up a season pass. Like the best “creative professional” shows, Platinum Hit has that great blend of process and judgment. We get to see the songs come together and then have them judged in the end. Even better: we can weigh in with our own opinions (unlike, say, Top Chef where we just have to rely on what looks good as our only metric).

And so I ask you this, my dear readers: yea or nay?

Pros: it’s fun to watch the songs come together, and it’s even more fun to see them come to life in the performance space; Kara DioGuardi is a monster; Jewel is surprisingly ball-busting; accessible to viewer judgment.

Cons: no glimpse into the deliberations — unlike Runway, Top Chef, ANTM, Food Network Star, or any GOOD show, Platinum Hit doesn’t let us see the judges deliberate back and forth about who to send home; also, when the judges critique the singers, it’s hard to remember the tune and its flaws (as opposed to Project Runway, for instance, where we can continue to stare at the outfit under scrutiny).

What do you think?

7 replies on “YEA OR NAY: Platinum Hit”

  1. Because I can’t stand Kara DioGuardi, I wont be watching this show unless I am folding laundry and possibly there is nothing else on at the time….she’s just too awful amazed with herself.

  2. Since there was absolutely nothing else on last night after RHNJ, I too watched this show. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Unless there are other shows that will soon compete with this time slot, I will continue watching. I think the personalities of the songwriters (and I use that term loosely for some of the contestants) will make this show. I see diva clashing with diva real soon!

  3. I watched it and will give it a chance (at least until Big Brother).

    While I really like to watch Project Runway, Top Chef and So You Think You Can Dance, I have always deferred juding to the experts since I really don’t understand the detailed nuances of Fashion, Cooking and Dance. But, when it comes to lyrics (not so much the music) I feel like I might be able to be a better armchair judge for this particular competition.
    I am also interested to learn more about this part of the music biz, so overall this particular show appeals to me.

  4. It was a’right. {shrug} I only watched it because, duh, it’s a Bravo reality show & Andy Cohen owns my soul, but it was better than I expected (granted, with the heinousness that is Kara DioGuardi being on it, my expectations were very, very low). I’ll keep on watching, of course, I sat through the entire seasons NYC Prep & Miami Social (see that part about Andy Cohen owning my soul) & Platinum Hit is definitely better than those two horrid shows.

    Right off the bat, I can tell you I will be pissed when Blessing (and his seeing-eye dog) are sent home. They should just give him the win right now ’cause how are you going to crush the dreams of a blind kid?
    That Sonyea, OTOH, can go home yesterday. She’s a “songwriter” and she doesn’t play an instrument? WTF? More like a famewhore who *thinks* she can sing a lot better than she actually does. Plus I thought her “Love it or hate it, love it or hate it, as for me, I love LA” was stupid & unoriginal.

  5. Not as good as Project Runway, but I like it. I’m not musically-inclined so I was so impressed by how fast they write this stuff.

    I loved the African-American guy’s song (not Blessing) whose escapes me.

    When Sonyae first came on, I had high hopes for her, thinking she’ll be like a Rihanna. Her song was horrible! I’ll give her another chance though.

  6. Yea for me. I’m one of the few who actually liked Kara on Idol (and tell me Idol wouldn’t have been better this season with a panel of Randy, J Lo and Kara instead of Mr. “That was Beautiful”). I enjoyed the show and its two cougar-tastic songbirds. As long as Jewel keeps on with the sparkly, tight, cleavage-bearing wardrobe, I’ll be tuning in. And the contestants are a nice mix of appealing and entertainingly douchey with enough talent to make the show credible.

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