Earlier this Spring, Reelz Channel aired the controversial miniseries The Kennedys, and in case you missed it, fear not! You can have your very own free copy. (And if you don’t win the contest, you can buy the miniseries here — insert me doing a Vanna White presentation with my hand).

All you have to do is write a haiku about the Kennedys in the comments section. How easy is that? VERY. I’ll judge the winners. You have until Friday at noon.

18 replies on “Win A Copy of ‘The Kennedys’”

  1. Katie Holmes can’t act
    Yet I’m drawn to this series
    You are no Jackie

    Follow directions!
    Kennedy haiku failure
    I’m disqualified

  2. If Kennedy’d lived
    He would surely schtoop Katie
    While Tom screamed “Do Me!!”

  3. I watched most of the series on Reel. Do you have a contest NOT to receive The Kennedy’s DVD?

  4. Cheated with the maid
    Maria Shriver livid
    Schwarzenegger’s bad

    It’s Kennedy related!

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