I had been so proud of Countess LuAnn. This season of The Real Housewives of New York City, she’d pulled back on the judgmental haughtiness and returned to being simply haughty, but on tonight’s episode, the DeLesseps monster reared its ugly head. LuAnn was on a rampage all episode, and most of her rage was directed at Ramona, her longtime arch nemesis.

The cattiness appeared right at the top of the show as LuAnn and Ramona sat down for what should have been a lovely lunch. The Countess complimented Ramona on having a delightful wine part the night before and then went on to say that the Pinot Grigio was just lovely. How charming! And then in the same breath, the knives came out as LuAnn sneered, “Too bad you had to CHEAPEN it by having it out with Jill in front of your guests.” I guess it really is true: money can’t buy you class.

Well, LuAnn was on a warpath, which was ironic considering she was accusing Ramona of being on a warpath. It’s true: Ramona should not have confronted Jill at the wine party, but it was a bit silly of LuAnn to take it upon herself to get in the middle of this mess. The alleged ulterior motive was that LuAnn wanted all the women to be drama-free before going off to Morocco, which is a whole other mess to discuss.

The long and the short of it is that LuAnn felt the best way to resolve the tension in the group was for a group trip to Morocco. And as we all saw from last season, nothing brings these girls closer together than a vacation together! Nevertheless, LuAnn reminded us many times over that she had been to Morocco oodles of times (and yes, she’s ridden a camel, darling), and soon the wheels were put in motion to invite all the girls.

That brought us back to LuAnn and Ramona’s little discussion. LuAnn claimed its purpose was to clear the air of any drama between the women, but we all knew the real reason LuAnn summoned Ramona was simply so she could berate her a bit more. LuAnn has clearly never liked Ramona, and I’m not sure she’s ever fully forgiven her for the incident at the Cancer Society (NOT the Cancer Society! Never the Cancer Society!). And thus any time LuAnn has had a chance to make a little dig at Ramona, she’s taken it.

This episode, however, portrayed LuAnn as a woman on the verge of a catfight. Not only did she condescendingly attack Ramona at lunch, but later on, she full on bitched her out over some ridiculousness involving a designer. It was actually a wonderful moment of self-importance — on both women’s parts. Basically, LuAnn was annoyed that Ramona hadn’t shared her connections with designer David Meister. Ramona defended herself by saying that David Meister provided her signature look and that she didn’t want LuAnn to encroach on that. Please, let me pause so you can roll your eyes.

LuAnn was acting a fool for making such a stink over something so stupid (and for calling Ramona “bitchy” at a charity event while simultaneously carrying the torch for class and etiquette). Ramona, meanwhile, was also acting a fool for believing herself important enough to have or deserve a “signature look.” I hope both women wind up blacklisted at David Meister (and Ungaro for that matter — that’s LuAnn’s preferred design house).

It was in the middle of this fracas that Alex stepped up and implored LuAnn to zip it, noting that The Countess was the only one being negative at the event. This, of course, led to the most famous line of the season: “She is a thug in a cocktail dress.” Surprise! It wasn’t about Sonja!

Amusingly, LuAnn then went in for the kill by telling Ramona that all the women had not only gone off on a spa weekend without her but that they had all agreed that they didn’t want to be on a trip with HER. I actually felt that LuAnn was being rather vile at this moment. Say what you will about Ramona, but she’s very sensitive and emotional, and LuAnn knew that. She knew this would sting particularly bad, and I half expected Ramoner to break down in tears right then and there. Amazingly though, Ramona stayed calm and simply reiterated what was clear to everyone but LuAnn: that the Countess was trying to start a fight. NEVER, DARLING!

LuAnn then tried to blame it all on Ramona by saying that she had promised to make good with Jill but had yet to do so. Too bad The Countess didn’t get the memo that Jill and Ramona had taken the first few steps towards resolution just minutes prior. Oops. Basically, it was a shit show.

Ramona would have gotten off Scot free had she not gone and made a fool of herself in a completely different way minutes later. Turns out she had arrived at the event with a case of her own wine, and while Jill thought it was to be auctioned off, Ramona felt it should be syphoned off… into her mouth. Soon she was ordering the caterers around, asking that they bust out the Ramona Pinot Grigio. It was a bit — what’s the word? Ah yes. Déclassé. But not entirely unexpected.

Soon enough, Jill and LuAnn were murmuring about Ramona being an alcoholic, which might not have been an unfair statement. Then again, Bravo was more than happy to show us shot after shot of Ramona pouring wine, looking for wine, drinking wine, and all but giving birth to wine. A final scene wherein Ramona told Jill that she almost forgot that her stepdaughter was DEFORMED really drove the point home. To be fair, I knew what Ramona was trying to say, but the way it came out — to quote Cindy Barshop: “I mean, seriously?”

Elsewhere in the episode, things were rather tame. Sonja did a sexy photo shoot for her toaster oven cook book, and guess what? She forgot her underwear again. How convenient. Now, if you’re wondering why Sonja is putting out a toaster oven cook book, the reason is that she told the New York Post that she loved cooking out of a toaster oven, and apparently, the news just spread like wildfire. I’m not sure which circles clung to this circle, but last time I checked, the masses were not yearning to see Sonja’s magical concoctions.

And yet, I’d totally buy the book (and by “buy,” I mean hit up the publisher for a free copy for review).

As for Kelly, she had a mildly significant episode in that she revealed that her ex-husband had slapped her. This led to LuAnn hugging Kelly emotionally before stating that she couldn’t believe that SHE hadn’t known about this. I’m surprised she didn’t add, “Now let’s get back to calling Ramona a diva bitch.”

Lastly, we had Cindy, who did very little this episode beyond having a silly moment at a drum circle. Yes, there was a drum circle. What more do I need to say? This is why this show is so amazing. Any producer who thought of having Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon beating out a West African rhythm knows what’s up.

Here are photos:

“Darling, we need a break. One can only have so many leisurely lunches and spa retreats before it just becomes TOO stressful!”

“Morocco, eh? Do you think I can sell my SEXY TOASTER OVEN book at a bazaar?”

“Darling, I’ve been to Morocco many times, and I can assure you that it’s very Westernized. But no, they won’t like your sexy toaster oven book.”

“How about a suggestive tagine of some sort?”

“Well, as someone who’s been to Morocco MANY times, I can say that they would love a sexy tagine — but make sure it’s more tagine than vagine.”

“How about if I put a little hat on my toaster oven and call it a tagine?”

“Well, darling, I don’t see what’s wrong with that. I’ve been to Morocco MANY times, and the people are just lovely. It’s like going to Paris. Well, not PARIS. It’s a bit rougher than that.”

“Oh — like downtown?”


“Just answer me this: is there a Cipriani’s? Because otherwise, you might as well ship me off to Quogue.”

“Darling, that’s just offensive.”

“Hello, this is Countess LuAnn DeLesseps, and I would like to order a David Meister dress. What do you mean I’ve been banned? Don’t you realize you’re talking to a lady with a courtesy title?”

“Ahem, yes, hello. This is the Countess LuAnn DeLesseps. I’d like to speak with the Ministry of Tourism for Morocco. We are friends. I’ve been to Morocco MANY times…. excuse me? What do you mean this is Blockbuster Video?”

“Well, as long as I have you on the phone, I’d like to reserve a copy of Cats vs. Dogs 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore.”

“What do you mean Ramona reserved the entire Cats vs. Dogs franchise? That’s an awfully BITCHY thing of her to do!”

“I just threw a car battery at my driver. I’m sorry — I just had to do it!”

LuAnn: “Your party was rather lovely last night. The wine was delicious. And the crowd quite sophisticated. Too bad you had to go and CHEAPEN IT with your behavior, which is clearly not as classy as mine.”

“Now you’re being a bully, LuAnn. No. You know what you are? You’re déclassé. Sorry! That’s what you are.”

“Darling, that’s not the way a hostess acts. One must be civilized, and by that I mean ‘full of rage that can only be expressed through passive-aggressive insults that borderline on crude.'”

“Finally, a cook book for the woman who wants to slut it up when she bakes escargot in her toaster oven.”

“I’m so happy to be the Grand Marshall of toast.”

LuAnn: “Would you believe Ramona won’t give me her contacts at David Meister? I mean, how NASTY! She can be about as ugly as the camels in Morocco, WHICH I’ve ridden many times on account of having been to Morocco MANY times.”

“Darling, I can’t believe I never knew you were abused. Now… be a dear and call up David Meister for me, mmkay?”

“Wow, Cindy!!! A plush robe with my initials embroidered in! What’d this cost? $200?? It’s beautiful. Hey, how’s my koala keychain treating you?”

Ramona: “I look pretty good, huh? I do squats for thirty minutes a day. Not so bad, huh? Not so bad!”
Doctor: “You look like a modern-day Aphrodite. And I don’t just say that because I’ve designed this room to look like the interior of the Acropolis.”

LuAnn: “I won’t let Ramona ruin Morocco. That’s for ALL of us to do.”

“I have to write down a word? I mean, seriously?”
Jill: “C’mon, Cindy. You can be funnier than that.”
“That wasn’t a funny quip to you? I mean, seriously?”
LuAnn: “Darling, you can’t have such a goofy mouth and not be funny.”
“Really, LuAnn? I mean, seriously?”
Jill: “She can’t do it. She can’t.”

Kelly: “This is fun!”
LuAnn: “You know what we should do? We should write down every single thing we hate about Ramona! I’ll start: CRAZY EYES.”

Jill: “Hi! How are you?”

“Look at me: a model party guest. I’m being dignified and classy… unlike that nasty bitch Ramona Singer. Signature look my ass.”

“You are looking to start a fight!”

“I most certainly am not. But for the record, I went to something that you weren’t invited to, and everyone there said they hated you.”

“If I weren’t already blitzed on Pinot, I would smack you in the face.”

“‘Theeeeese dreams go on when I close my eyes / every second of the night I live another life…'”

“Alex, why are you singing Heart?”

“It just felt appropriate. ‘Is it cloak and dagger / Could it be Spring or Fall…'”

“Alex, you are hardly a thrush.”

“Excuse me, Alex has a beautiful voice, and I happen to love ‘These Dreams.'”

“Well, I wouldn’t say her voice is beautiful. Last time I checked, she wasn’t burning up the airwaves with her own dance single about the perils of gauche behavior.”

“YOU… are a thug in a cocktail dress!”

“Oh… that was a good line, Alex. Look at LuAnn. She can barely believe you said it.”

“Well, it’s the truth. She IS a thug in a cocktail dress.”

“It better not be a David Meister cocktail dress!”

“Would you believe Alex called me a thug? How NASTY! Why, I oughta march right out of here and keep on walking until I feel better, and if my unplanned journey takes me to the studios of David Meister, SO BE IT!”


“Darling, I have no control over the path that my feet may take me on.”


“Go ahead. But please remember that under this UNGARO dress is a very heavy, very protective brass butterfly. It’s not my fault if you break your knuckles.”

“I don’t mean to break up the party, but I just learned that my koala bear tchotchkes are out of production; so please note that you are all in possession of antiques.”

LuAnn: “I’m so HAPPY you’ll be coming to Morocco with us! Now, do me a solid and get me a burka from David Meister. Just say it’s for Ramona.”

Jill: “What was that noise?”
LuAnn: “It was the woman behind me. She just passed gas. I’m pretending like I don’t notice.”

Whose side are you on? LuAnn or Ramona?

45 replies on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NYC PHOTOCAP: Thug In A Cocktail Dress Revealed!”

  1. This “Ramona is an alcoholic” storyline is completely contrived. We’ve seen Ramona drunk. Anyone remember “Turtle time”?

    TEAM BLONDES all the way!

    1. Team Blondes here also! I agree about the contrived alcoholic line for Ramona. Jill sitting there at the fashion show talking about how early it was in the day for Ramona to start drinking. B!tch! She just had a “cocktail” party for her guests before the fashion show started, so isn’t it a little early in the day for everyone who had a drink then?

  2. I honestly cannot believe that anyone likes Ramona — she is a total freak show & is one of the most annoying of the housewives on any of the franchises (not as bad as Teresa, NeNe or Tamra, but worse than, say, than Gretchen or Taylor) — she is *always* inappropriate — ALWAYS. Never once have I seen her act in a reasonable or sane manner (remember her “interviews” with prospective employees episode 1 this season for the LOVE OF GOD if nothing else). Further, I’ve barely heard her string a coherent thought together — just a lot of rambling & demands for her Pinot NOW! And the mood swings! Happy & chipper, running around talking a mile a minute one second & aggressive & confrontational the next. I actually think she is mentally ill (and not just with the usual narcissism that all the housewives appear to suffer from) but something else that I can’t quite put my finger on — border line personality disorder, maybe.
    I *like” LuAnn’s judgmental haughtiness — that is what I find entertaining about her & was beginning to worry that her being in love with Jacques was going to spoil it this season. I think she is more pissed about Ramona calling her a “part-time mother” an episode or 2 back (I think the infamous Quoge episode) than the whole Cancer Society incident as she was talking with (I think Sonja) at the beginning of this episode about how she “used to be in the Hamptons full time with the kids” etc. That is the real elephant in the room with her & Ramona. Plus, scr@w Ramona — everything LuAnn said to her was true & I’m glad SOMEONE calls her out on her rude & inappropriate behavior (even if said person is being rude & inappropriate herself — sauce for the goose).
    So, while I don’t care for any of the housewives that much, and only watch these shows to laugh AT them, not WITH them, because the blonds have Ramona & Alex (the two worst of the franchise, IMO), I’m definitely Team Brunette.
    OT — did you see how bad Alex’s skin was? Jaysus Kerist! And she’s allegedly only 32? Stop bragging to the doctor about how you only “cleanse, tone & moisturize” because your skin looks busted. I see dermabrasion in her near future.

    1. Heathen- I agree with everything you said.
      LuAnn, while haughty and judgmental, does it with such ease and calm, that you can’t help but respect her. There are no hysterics. I love the woman, and would say she is my favorite housewife (except Bethenny). Irregardless, she should not have confronted Ramona at the event.
      Ramona, on the other hand, is an offensive lunatic, putting her foot in her mouth at almost every occasion. I, too, am perplexed by all the Ramona love this season. I think she is an awful, horrible woman. I also get a feeling that her marriage has become a sham over the years, and that the whole “renewal” ceremony with Mario (much like Vickie and Donn) was for cameras and attention. A desperate attempt at holding things together.
      Anyone remember Jill’s infamous dinner party of season one? That is the real Ramona Singer, and she is even more fucked up now than she was then.
      And perhaps the whole alcoholic story line is contrived, but it doesn’t seem so to me. I think she’s a lush.

    2. “Further, I’ve barely heard her string a coherent thought together — just a lot of rambling & demands for her Pinot NOW!”
      Incoherent ramblings are worse than Quogue.

  3. What about Jill at ‘bongo time’, trying to get Cindy to say what she wanted her to say (what is it with Jill and teeth anyway?) when Cindy had already said something very poignant. What a b*tch.

  4. is romona getting a “Pinot Grigio” belly? nice – a chicks version of “beer” belly!

  5. Wow. I just wanted to say that I recently just found out that the one and only B siiidddeee retreated one of my tweets with the hash tag cosign. This was months ago but I just happened to check my tweet mentions. Anyway. He is famous, urrr, famous and he was talking about my tweet, which was talking about him. It is almost like I am urn famous.

    Anyway. I can hardly stand to watch this show as it is completely obvious that Jill and Luann are just in this strange competition with no one to make sure that they have the most cast members on their side. It was much better when they were able to slightly hide their manipulative tactics.

  6. I don’t get all the Ramona love at all. I think the thing that’s always bothered me about both her and Tamra is they both use variations of the excuse “I have no filter” or with Ramona saying she has diarrhea of the mouth- both the same type excuse of saying you talk without thinking- and usually Ramona is saying things that are offensive to other people and yet when people say anything back to her she crys or gets upset or offended. I don’t get why Ramona apparently expects to say whatever she want and still have people handle her delicately. I think it falls into the category of being able to dish it out but not take it.

  7. I’ll concede that Ramona is wildly inappropriate, and that “just being myself” is not a valid excuse for saying outrageous things. But, she is not acting out of malice or spite. She is just a lunatic. The Countess on the other hand is arrogant and judgmental. What she says is calculated and intended to inflict harm. That’s while I’m on Team Blonde (sans Sondra).

    This trip to Marrakech is going to be a hot mess and I cannot wait.

  8. tend to agree with bside. true, ramona is certifiable and never says the right thing, wears the right thing, or makes her eyes do the right thing; but the countess, who is barely tolerable when doing a caricature of herself as a modern day lady di, became downright insufferable with her bullying of ramona this episode. it was soooo petty and she clearly stalked into jill’s party with an agenda and a mean one at that. all these women are going to do cringe worthy things these next few episodes in morocco (brava to bravo for being so timely by purposefully featuring a mahgreb country in the midst of the “arab spring”…not! more like “way to rip off sex and the city 2 – which was a horrible movie!” but i digress). anyway, i think luann’s decision to appoint herself arbiter of all things tasteful and moroccan will get old fast…kind of like her raspy voice did some time in her early 20s, i’m guessing. that lady’s double standards are double annoying.

  9. I love Ramona. She has a personality, she is warm and she says what she thinks. I think she is one of those people who will still be friends with you no matter what fights you have and I like that loyalty.

    Alex should not be getting involved. She is more like a sidekick on this show and I don’t think she belongs at all. She doesn’t have her own personality or story line.
    She is also earnestly serious and not self-aware and I find that annoying. She’s also not attractive so I don’t get why she is happy when she looks in the mirror.

  10. I’m on Team Blondes too. Ramona is a crazy person there’s no doubt about it. Clearly this woman has some issues. The Countess is just a mean person. She likes to belittle everyone.

    On another note Cindy’s fake eyelashes getting stuck on her too long bangs drives me crazy!!!!

    Why is Kelly still insisting that Ramona did something to her on that trip they had? She was the crazy person in that situation.

    I can’t wait until next week!

    1. Really…. I hate those fake eyelashes also. Does she think they look natural? I’m surprised Jill hasn’t informed her of that yet.

  11. Anyone here understand or know the “real” New York social pecking order?
    I wonder how and where this group of women really fall into the NY Social order.
    I suspect that Ramana may be the one with the most ties but I suspect none of them really “beong”.
    I wonder is LuAnn lost some status when she lost he Count.

  12. I’m so sick of Kelly and the whole Ramona was bad to me in St. John thing. Kelly was out of her mind on that trip. I wish she would take some responsibility for her behavior already!!!! I’m also tired of Luann constantly taking Jill’s side when she doesn’t even know what is going on. Just because someone is your friend, doesn’t mean they are always right. Stay out of it, Luann!!!
    Cindy is soooooo boring.What is this woman adding to the show????

  13. Team Blonde simply because you worked Alex McCord’s screen caps into a Heart tribute and- her splits ends are more in check than Super Krazy Kelly’s!

    The Heart Reference MMD!

  14. I love Ramona. Jill and Luann, the bullies, can do and say what they want, Ramona is still a fave of mine. And I don’t think she’s in the right all the time. But I think her “core” IS good and she’s fun to watch. I hope she continues to be successful and happy.

  15. I think Luanne was upset over Ramona’s retweet of Luanne’s daughter being inapproriate (remember that youtube video?) I’m not exactly sure of the time frame of this event to Ramona’s retweet but if I had to venture a guess as to why Luanne was on such a warpath that would be it!

  16. luann got on alex last year for getting in between jill and bethany (when luann was 10x more involved than alex) and now this year luann is butting in between jill and ramona. hey luann – who made you God? jill and luann are vicious and calculating. kelly is just psycho and cindy an idiot. ramona doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. she may stick her foot in her mouth at times, but she only says what everyone else thinks anyway. jill and luann are manipulating this entire season to make it look like ramona has a drinking problem. how many companies do jill and luann run? oh that’s right NONE! jill “works” at her husband’s store and luann does… nothing! they just “authored” books that bombed because they were awful. btw – ramona posted the e-mails that were sent to her asking her to SUPPLY the wine to be served at the event. so there.

  17. I find the appeal of the RHONY is that my allegiances change just as they do within the show. I love the Countess but her behavior in this weeks episode had me flipping sides to team Romona who I normally don’t care for (she reminds me too much of a small fluffy white dog). I loved LuAnn’s comment in the van on the way to Rancho Relaxo “She (Romona) better behave herself on this trip (Morocco) or she’s not coming” – is this a paradox?
    Kelly is just plain dumb. Her constant use of the word “literally” drives me crazy.She says she’s worried about going to Morocco because of what happened on Scary Island but if I was one of the other Housewives I’d be keeping an eye on Kelly and her potential for super craziness.
    Cindy bores me, she needs to surround herself with more gays (and I’m mot talking about her husband or brother) and I don’t know what happened to Sonja this season but the whole Mae West voice and cooch flashing is tragic to watch.
    Can’t wait for Morocco but 3 weeks seems a long time.

  18. Curiously, I am liking Kelly this season. And I like Cindy because she appears somewhat normal in comparison to the rest. I think Ramona has remained the truest to her original character–she’s as nutty now as she was season one.

    Alex, Sonja, Jil and LuAnne all seem to be acting WAY differently than they used to and it feels contrived (especially Sonja–she has taken ridiculousness to new heights). I don’t like phonies.

  19. Team blonde all the way: providing someone’s explained to Kell that she’s not,in fact, blonde

  20. New York used to be my favorite HW city but now I think it’s too forced and silly.
    Ramona doesn’t say anything behind someone’s back that she wouldn’t say to their face which can not be said of LuAnn. People may find Ramona crass but at least she’s owns up to it. LuAnn is that girl in highschool who you only found out years later hated you and talked serious smack about you.
    I hope the gossip is true and their replacing the New York cast, it’s starting to become unbearable to watch.

  21. Team Blonde. Alex is the only one of this group I could be friends with, but I could be friendly acquaintances with Sonja and Ramona (and maybe Kelly). The Countess and Jill are just awful people who are engaged in a constant game of one-upsmanship with others, and the other one is too boring to think about.

  22. Team Blondes all the way.

    If Ramona had her own show where there were no other horrible housewives to compare her to, she’d probably be wildly unpopular, but in comparison to the evil axis made up of Jill, LuMann and Kelly, Ramona actually looks pretty good. For all her mania and inappropriateness, she’s never come anywhere near the level of malice these others demonstrate. Mostly she’s just inappropriate and mostly that’s unintentional. For instance, she was clearly attempting to say something nice about Jill’s stepdaughter…who, oddly, has never been seen or mentioned on thi show or anywhere else before, and probably only appeared now because Jill suddenly realized she could be used to give Jill some free publicity, and to make her look “charitable” or altruistic, and to get rid of all her leftover “Secrets of a Jewish Mother” related crapola. So Ramona used the term “deformed”? It’s not the most sensitive thing to say but the word was used within a sentence which was obviously intended as a compliment. Plus, let’s be real, having a giant tumor in one’s lower lip IS in fact a deformity. It just is.

    I used to find LuAnn’s haughtinness amusing, but she’s become such a totally hypocritical cuntface lately that I cannot even stand to listen to her. I have to hit the mute button whenever she starts her nasty, condescending BS.
    And BTW I believe Ramona’s version of events at Jill’s anti-bullying (yeah right!) party. Ramona published the eemails showing that she was indeed asked to provide wine to drink, not to auction, and she plausibly explained her actions during the rest of that scene as well. I have no doubt that whole thing was a set-up to make look Ramona look like a drunk, as is almost everything else Bravo is showing us this season. Of course Jill, LuAnn and Kelly are happily participating in this little act too. In the first or second episode LuAnn has a talking head insinuating that Ramona is a desparate alcoholic by saying “You will never Ramona her without a glass of wine in her hand” but in the previous scene we literally see LuAnn herself handing Ramona that glass of wine. Yes, Ramona drinks. Probably too much, but she’s no more an alocoholic now than she was before, and she probably doesn’t drink any more than some of the others. But lately Bravo and the Brunettes definitely want us to believe she’s a hopeless drunk. Don’t let’s forget, it is the Countless who actually has a longstanding reputation of getting falling-down drunk at parties, making out with strangers, grabbing waiter’s crotches, etc. Sonja recently got a DUI. Jill may be a recovering alcoholic, and Kelly certainly shows signs of some sort of drug addiction. But no, Ramona is somehow the dangerous one all of a sudden? And it coincidentally happens right while Ramona is buisly trying to advertise and push her new wine business. That’s all kinds of fucked up.

  23. I completely agree with everything Ellen wrote.

    Wasn’t Jill supposed to be trying to repair her image this season? You can see her almost trying but her envy and tendency to talk shit is too hard of a habit to break. LuAnn is her biggest enabler. Also, when Jill is called out for anything (at the reunion for trying to get the cast not to shoot with Bethanny; confronting the bride at her wedding) she manages to avoid any direct questions and turn it around on the person confronting her. Then she cries to LuAnn and re-tells the scene where now she’s the victim.

    As for LuAnn, she is an insecure phoney. Her name is LUANN!! She came from nothing and some horny count married her. The moment the ring was slipped on her finger she became the authority on everything. Trash with money is the worst. When the count dropped her ass she got worse because her bank acct balance dropped a whole lot of zeros.

    1. Ha! “The Count” isn’t a real count either — it’s a courtesy/purchased title, which makes it that much more ridiculous.

      Funnily enough, everything you hate about LuAnn is what I luvr about her. I practically give myself an aneurysm from all the eye-rolling I do when she speaks, but I’m laughing too.

      Ramona has a similar effect on me, but more the stabbing feeling in my head and minus the laughing.

    2. Seriously? The fact that a tumor on you lip is a deformity does not make it OK to say what Ramona said. Does anyone in civilized society not know that? Really, if this is acceptable (and defensible behavior) nowadays, too bad that Rapture thing didn’t happen.

      And, FYI — Ramona does drink too much — and not just this season, it’s been pretty apparent since Season 1.

  24. I usually like the Countess’ haughtiness but she was on a rampage this episode. I don’t know the timing of this episode, but I do think Luann is angry with Ramona for retweeting the Victoria incident.

    Ramona is Ramona. Yeah she’s crazy but this cast needs her.

    I know everyone makes fun of Alex and her “modeling” but I actually think she looks good this season (compared to first 2 seasons).

    Again, Cindy adds NOTHING to this show. She has no sense of humor at all. When you join a show like this, you have to enjoy being crazy or just bring something funny to the show. Not her. Nope. Just good ole single-mom business owner. So exciting.

  25. So people seem to think Cindy is too nice for the show. Nice is good and the first season people are always a little inhibited.

    Luann obviously LOVES gossip and listening in to private conversations, doesn’t she feel she’s showing a lack of character?! Why is she the one that’s always in the middle, as someone else said, taking the side of her special one at the time.

    Maybe we need a larger t.v., I thought Cindy’s lashes were just freshly grown from that new stuff they sell.

    I wonder if Ramona is acting that way because she knows she’s a target and being nervous high strung is now nervous. My gosh, didn’t know about the emails asking her to
    bring the Pinot for everyone to drink!! What a set-up!

    Does Kelly really think she has blond hair!! About Kelly, I was wondering why she singled Ramona out and I’m convinced it’s because of the way Jill and Louie have been talking about her. It makes her an easy target with them after her.

  26. Wow, I’m from New York and times certainly have changed. I’ve known all levels of society
    and experienced different life-styles but have never seen the snakiness of Lu and Jill. People aren’t stupid and they would not be accepted for long.

  27. The over the top petty and catty foolishness over EVERY SINGLE event and conversation this season has officially crossed the line from being entertaining to just being tedious and annoying. At least it’s fun watching LuAnn build a strong case for herself that Class With the Countess had to be the product of a ghostwriter.

    I have a feeling that, at some point in the not too distant future, we’ll look back on the 3 upcoming Morocco episodes as the moment RHONY jumped the shark.

  28. I miss Bethenny so much! She really made this show. Oh well, it is still entertaining. I can’t stand Kelley. I think Sonia is attractive, but it is embarrassing how she keeps trying to act flirty with much younger men. And I don’t know why so many celebs find it difficult to wear underwear, what is the deal? I find my undies to be very comfortable and would feel so weird not having any on.

  29. Unless I completely agree w/someone on every point I don’t reply but…although I do side with Ramona and Alex, I do feel that all these ladies say inappropriate things. I think we, as viewers, just tend to see some of the women as more grating depending if they would be the type of person you couldn’t relate to.

    I can relate to Ramona because I say things before I have time to process it and sometimes and it gets me in trouble. I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings or be a bitch. And I’ve been left out of cliques because I wouldn’t go along w/petty bullshit.

    On the other hand I can see why someone would see me or Ramona as weirdos, nutcases who should be shut down and locked up to be taught manners. Lol!!

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