In case you missed it, here’s a video of President Obama toasting the Queen while the British national anthem plays in the background. Talking over the anthem is a major breach of etiquette, and as a result, Obama is left standing quietly and awkwardly in Her Majesty’s presence. This is the sort of uncomfortable moment usually reserved for trashy reality TV; so how wonderful for us to see it all play out with major world leaders. Huzzah!

6 replies on “Obama Has Cringe-worthy Moment with Queen Elizabeth”

  1. I loved Camilla’s cringe, everyone else was just thinking “what a git.”

    1. I don’t think they play it every time she sits or stands. I think it was because of the toast.

      What I want to know is where the hell are his protocol officers? That is a group in the White House that lives for the proper thing to do in all occasions especially State occasions and they are their to advise any sitting President of the dos and do nots. They should have gone over the speech with him and let them know of where to pause for the National Anthem etc.

      1. Oh they probably tried to school him on proper etiquette, but being the arrogant jerk he is, he probably just blew them off thinking, “I got this.” Haha suckah, you should have had the teleprompter.

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