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In case you missed it, today I hosted yet another episode of Housewife Hoedown, the only web talk show devoted to all things Real Housewives. Joining me this week was my friend Marcos, who shared his very own special story of meeting Lisa VanderPump. Aside from that, we discussed the NYC premiere as well as the latest episode of Orange County.

Check it out! Hope you enjoy, and remember that you can always check the show out live (and call in!) every Wednesday at 3:30 PM ET / 12:30 PM PST at (except for next week when I’ll be on holiday in sunny Orlando, FL).

8 replies on “HOUSEWIFE HOEDOWN, Episode 16: Talking About The RHoNYC Premiere!”

  1. You guys were very entertaining. And Marcos did well.

    Gretchen needs to dump Slade. This will open her storyline to so many possibilities.

  2. This week’s show was particularly good. Damn, I wish I could remember to tune in to watch it live. I was shocked to see you didn’t have any callers. Keep up the good work!

  3. P.S.,
    The only thing you neglected to mention was Jill’s bitchy comment about Alex socializing with a group that is so above her. That alone puts Jill in the losers’ circle- especially considering her own pedestrian middle-class background.

  4. Ramona please stop using the phrase “you know what” at the start of most sentences. For the life of me I’ll never figure out just how she’s so successful in business.

    Alex needs to know that Simon has passed his phone number out to women. Someone posted this info last year at

    As for Jill, afterbirth looks better than you and stop dressing like gaga.

    Bethenny is needed on NY for her wit and comments because it’s lacking otherwise.

  5. Great show! First order of business: buy some Ramona Pinot Grigio!

    As far as RHOOC, it has gotten so unwatchable in my opinion that I deleted the series recording from my DVR. You guys are right; these women are boring and there’s not one single character worth watching anymore.

  6. I looovve the housewives hoedown. It has all the excessive commentary I crave from the photocaps. I’ve been watching it live for the past few weeks but I’m always too shy to call in. I have no excuse. I need to call in next week!

  7. I didn’t know where else to put this & I can’t wait for your photocap:
    I love David Arquette calling Sonja out on the parade & topping that off with asking her if she ever swam in the lady pond.


  8. You had me DYING during the wine segment!!
    You’re going into my Bookmarks….

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