Well, my family vacation in Orlando has just wrapped up, and joining me for the fun was none other than my friend Meeshie. The two of us headed to Epcot on Friday, and naturally we just had to go inside the giant golf ball. Little did we realize we’d be taking a trip to THE FUTURE. That’s right, thanks to the wizards at Disney, we (and everyone else on the ride) got to star in our own nifty video about our lives in the Jetsons era. We were big fans.

Anyway, enjoy the video above, and rest assured that content will be returning to B-Side Blog. Coming up this week will be coverage of the latest Housewives episodes, Celebrity Apprentice (no spoilers – I still haven’t seen it), a review of an OXO garlic peeler (!), an Adventure in Domesticity, and a video of Meeshie and I “drinking around the world” at Epcot (look for that later tonight or tomorrow morning).

Thanks for your patience!

2 replies on “B-Side Blog Goes To The Future, and It Looks Quite Pleasant!”

  1. Love it!

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I sat (with a few friends) in a little room in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland where I called home on a (gasp!) picture phone! The glitch was that the people we called were not equipped (obvs) to receive ‘picture calls’ and the exhibit was quickly changed. I love how few of Tomorrowland’s predicitions came to be!

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