A massive 8.9 earthquake struck just off shore of Japan earlier today, and already video is appearing on YouTube. Here’s one chilling clip courtesy of a guy who may or may not have been stoned. Whatever state he was in, his survival skills might need a brush up (ie. how did he not run for cover at any point?).

Very scary stuff, even if it is narrated by a stoner.

Thanks to my friend Ed for the heads up.

8 replies on “VIDEO: iPhone Footage of Japanese Earthquake Hits The Internet”

    1. Haha! The first thing he returns to its rightful place. OK, I know this event is really serious, but it’s hard to appreciate with this guy. Dude had to have been stoned.

      I’ve never experienced an earthquake. I didn’t realize they started so slowly and took so long to end. Very interesting.

  1. Yes, not to take away from the seriousness but….How did he not grab that computer monitor right away and put it on the floor? It’s all I could think about!

  2. I can think of only one thing when I watch this: widescreen, motherfucker, not portrait.

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