LAME. Ina Garten caved into peer pressure. After having whipped up stiff peaks of controversy last week by not visiting a Make-A-Wish boy, Ina has now agreed to call little cancer-stricken Enzo. And here you all thought she was a heartless beast. Clearly she just wanted to vet out Enzo first, much as she does with eggs. You never know when you’ll get a BAD cancer child!

To read more about Ina’s change of heart, check out the story here.

Thanks to jashba for the heads up!

7 replies on “Ina Garten Does A GOOD Deed”

  1. Her publicist probably told her what bad press she was getting for that, so she had to cave… But a phone call really isn’t the same as a personal visit, IMNSHO.

  2. I posted earlier under the other blog post… ABC Entertainment News has her bringing him to her set.

  3. Maybe she can have him over and throw some store bought merinques and some whipped cream on a tray and have him make his own eton mess? Oh wait, he’d have to pay $100k to make his own dessert…..I love Ina.

  4. This is the most amazing news item I have ever read in my life. I can not even process this. I do love-stalk-Ina. I mean I really love Ina and should feel some pity for her, but this story is the most astounding story in the world. It’s just pure awesomeness. It’s like finding out aliens exist. I think it may be karma for those annoying ask Ina segments at the end of the show, or it may have something to do with Obama bombing Libya. There must be some higher power at work with some sort of beauitful design. My mind is just blown.

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