It’s Fashion Week here in LA, and last night I decided to drop by Michael Utsinger’s Fashion Week party at local hot spot Eden. I grabbed my friend Ashleigh, who just started her own nifty blog, and the two of us happily tromped off to Hollywood to check out the scene. A few random pics after the jump…

The DJ booth, aglow in pink and purple. I think I saw a Masterson (perhaps Danny?) up there at one point. It should be noted that the music was pretty awesome all evening.

Ashleigh catches the light.

One of many artfully arranged bottle service setups. Most of the booths seemed to be taken.

Bar-goers accumulate. I definitely dug the decor, which can best be described as log cabin chic.

Trying on Ashleigh’s fake glasses.

The crowd begins to fill in, including the alluring lady in the big fur jacket to the left. Overall, we were quite impressed with the lack of douchebags and skanks — no easy feat for Hollywood. Definitely a fashion forward, on-trend gathering. And me.

Meanwhile, in a dark corner of the club, the clubgoers happily stood on whatever furniture or ledges they could find. Fun times had by all.

I really wanted to take a picture of this gaggle of ladies because of their funky style, and much to my surprise, they requested that I join them. Totes new BFFs.

Solid party. Next time I’m totally wearing my polar bear fur blazer.

2 replies on “Fashion Week Arrives at Eden”

  1. Dude, not sure on the frames. They give you a muppet quality – on the Bert side, not the furry side.

  2. Some of your new besties are dissing you already. Check out purple chick who’s texting and ignoring your photo op. Then on the far right you have angry blonde next to she-who-wears-too-much-blush. I do think you could totally rock a fur vest though.

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