Back in junior year of high school, my friend Nicole once brought a most bizarre sandwich into History class. It was some concoction her mom had made, and it was so bizarre that I just had to take a bite. Much to my surprise (and to Nicole’s), the sandwich was actually really, really good. For years it had stuck with me, and recently I decided that I had to try it out once more. After all, sometimes you get to an age, and you wonder if that fond memory is really as reliable as you think. Could my mind have been playing tricks on me? Was this sandwich actually any good?

Well, fifteen years later, it was time to give Nicole’s sandwich a whirl. I don’t know why I hadn’t already. I think it was a case of me never having all the main ingredients at the same time. And just what was in this sandwich? You’ll have to read to find out…

We begin with bread. I remember Nicole’s sandwich coming in a crusty, chewy bread (such as peasant or ciabatta). Since I had none of these options and was too lazy to grab a loaf from the grocery story (located NEXT DOOR), I used some boring whole wheat.

Surprise ingredient #1: moo shu pork. Nicole’s mom had used moo shu vegetables, but I figured the addition of pork (from a leftover dinner) wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

The moo shu, artfully arranged on the whole wheat.

Surprise ingredient #2: dijon mustard.

Surprise ingredient #3: brie! Yes, pairing dijon and brie is nothing new (or surprising), but pairing them with moo shu? I know what you’re thinking. Crazy talk.

And yet all together, the brie, dijon, and moo shu vegetables / pork work quite nicely. It’s a shame that I didn’t have better bread to truly elevate the sandwich, but no matter — the flavors were there.

I’m happy to report that after fifteen years, my memory did not fail me. The sandwich really was very tasty and unexpected. In fact, I spent the whole rest of the week using up my brie and moo shu on these strange creations. I don’t know what the sandwich should be called — The Nicole? The Chinese Beret? The Montmartre Moo Shu? — but it deserves a try. I’d be curious to hear what others think of it. Don’t knock it until you try it.

Thank Nicole (and Nicole’s mom!)

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    As proof of that motto, I will post a Quaff later that will show that sometimes appearances can be deceiving.

  2. hahaha re: the indianjones comeback. and that sandwich looks salty and yummy. but it also makes me wonder what you’d been consuming prior to having a hankering for such a thing…

  3. Did you and Nicole go to private school? I do believe if that sandwich arrived in a public school cafeteria ridicule beyond belief would commence. Not from me of course. I’d want a bite. Maybe that’s why she was eating it in class?

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