Guess what? It’s been only four days, but there’s another new episode of Banter with Ben and Lisa up! This time around, Lisa and I welcome my friend Jason J. Carter, who can currently be seen every week on RuPaul’s Drag Race on Logo. Jason, however, is not a drag queen. He instead is a member of the “Pit Crew,” a.k.a. one of the two men who spends every episode waltzing around in skimpy underwear. We asked Jason all about his experiences on the show, and he was more than forthcoming as he talked about RuPaul, the contestants, and life as a sex object. Plus, as is wont to happen with Lisa and me, the conversation inevitably drifted into the realm of The Real Housewives, Tyra Banks, and various other subtopics.

So check out the fun, and remember that you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here.


4 replies on “Ep 15: Banter with Ben and Lisa”

    1. By far the best podcast yet even though I have said that about all of them, but this one was one of the most entertaining and interesting one. The podcast just keep getting more and more humorous. My favorite is when you or B-Side make a very quick, subtle, and witty remark that makes me laugh because to takes me a moment to figure or notice what was said. You two are masters of the snark.

      I do hope that you have Jason back and/or bring back Jash. I think that you two work really well together when you have a third person to work off of.

      There always seems to be a time issue, but I wouldn’t mind if the podcast went over 30 minutes and I am glad that this went a bit longer because it was so throughly entertaining and humorous. Oh and the “We Are Sisters” song never gets old and it is laugh at loud funny.

  1. Great episode, Jason was a lot of fun and meshed well with you and Lisa. You need to have him back and do a video podcast!

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