SAY:100 Press Release from SAY Media on Vimeo.

Say Media released their Say 100 list today, which is “a collection of authentic and knowledgeable online voices that create engaging content, drive conversation and shape opinion.” I’m excited and super honored to announce that I’m on the list of entertainment “voices that matter,” and even more flattered that Rich Juzwiak of the inimitable FourFour chose me to be a part of the site. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. (And with that, I lost my “Voices that matter” cred).

No word on if there will be a Voices That Matter blogger sing-along à la Voices That Care, but in the meantime, while I commission the sheet music, please check out the other bloggers on the list. And again, thanks to Rich and all the people at Say Media for including me!

(Oh, and since I’m all brag-adocious right now, check out my mentions on Fox News and Perez Hilton too.)

14 replies on “B-Side Blog Chosen As One Of Ten Entertainment “Voices That Matter””

  1. I remember when you and J-Unit turned the gasm into a pink blog one April 1st and now you are quoted on the pink blog site. It has a certain symmetry to it.


  2. I read that Perez Hilton piece and paused for a good long minute and pondered where I knew that name Mandelker. DUH!

  3. Congrats! Started reading your work when you were over at tvgasm, and have followed ever since. Love your work!

  4. Very well deserved. I started following some time ago for the Real Housewives coverage (which has just grown tremendously) and have found myself loving just about everything you write about even if I don’t follow the show. Love the cooking editions, love the vacuum video, and really love the Housewives Hoedowns. Bravo!

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