Round Up The Kids: It’s Another Bravo Reunion!

The season finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs tomorrow night, and while that looks to be a shit show in and of itself, the real fun will be had during the reunion next week, which promises to be more of the awkward, uncomfortable, insane drama we’ve come to expect from the Andy Cohen emceed event. Let’s face it: every season leads up to the reunion, and quite frankly, just when we think we’ve seen it all, they just get more ridiculous. Even D.C., which was believed to be the tamest and dullest of all Housewives, bowled over viewers with the craziness on display.

For what it’s worth, the Beverly Hills ladies look like they’ll be bringing the emotions: tears, screaming, accusations, more tears. More tears after that. And then maybe just a few more tears. Yes, it looks like everyone will be bawling at some point (excerpt, perhaps, Adrienne, who probably spends the entire time itching to attach another piece of tinsel in her hair). To say I’m excited is an understatement…

Meanwhile, if you want to hear gab about The Housewives, check out my videocast today at 12:30 PST (three hours from now!) here: Joining me in the studio will be my friend and fellow Housewives devotee, Sita. We’ll talk about Beverly Hills, Atlanta, and how I met Alex, Ramona, LuAnn, and Kelly last week. Tune in!

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  1. That looks all sorts of wonderful!! I wonder if Lisa’s husband is talking about Cedric?? Or is he referring to that random person that attacked that guy Lisa and him were having dinner with? So intrigued……

    1. Thats what I was wondering! I hope it wasn’t Cedric, and I want him to be legit, for Lisa and Ken’s sake. eee!!!!

      1. He is talking about Cedric. You must not have noticed at the end of lastnight’s final episode where they show an update next to each housewife that for Lisa, it said that Cedric finally moved out but he and Lisa had a horrific argument in the process and haven’t spoken to each other since. He stated last night (to camera) that he would move out, but would be kicking and screaming all the way. Apparently he wasn’t kidding.

    2. It looks like Lisa’s hubby took his alzheimer’s meds (finally).. I have never seen him so alert, I’m used to seeing him shuffling in his slippers, mumbling, and relocating lost turtles, dressing like Jiggy..

      1. I think he’s talking about Cedric. OMG! Can’t wait to find out what happened. Lisa suggested in her Bravo blogs that something happened with Cedric. Sounds like it was pretty explosive.

  2. I will be cackling and happy as can be if someone – Kim, Andy, Lisa, Adrienne – rips a strip off of Taylor, who has been called by someone funnier than me “Oklahoma Bouvier Kennedy Onassis.” Fingers crossed.

  3. I started reading your blog for the Big Brother recaps, and I discovered the BH Housewives in the process. Many thanks!!

  4. Please, Lisa V., send me your jewelery!!! Holy crap — she is always so bedecked and bejeweled and looks fabulous. Caught part of her interview on Ellen today and she is wearing the biggest, glitteriest diamond watch I have ever seen! Ellen gave her a bedazzled baby stroller for Giggy.

    I can’t wait to see tonight’s epi and the reunion!! Both look fantastic.

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