The last new Gossip Girl episode alluded to something so dark… so awful… that I just can’t bring myself to spell it out. Now rumors are intensifying that the writers are about to indeed “go there” between two characters. I don’t want it to happen. If it does… I don’t know how I can continue to watch the show in good faith (I mean, I’ll watch, but I won’t like it).

Details here.

5 replies on “QUICK HIT: If ‘Gossip Girl’ Goes There, I May Have To Quit It”

  1. Honestly, I’m ridiculously intrigued by Dan and Blair. We all know that Chuck <3 Blair 4EVA are the endgame, so what's a little detour? A Dan/Blair pairing will be crazy amounts of fun!

    1. I totally agree.. i am semi looking forward to it jsut because it is so crazy yet totally intriguing.

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