Paz De La Huerta Puts Audrina’s Mom To Shame; Flashes Paps

I don’t really know who Paz De La Huerta is, but apparently she’s on Boardwalk Empire, and last night, she was “over served” at the Golden Globes. How drunk was she? Well, in the video above, she falls on her ass, stumbles around, and often dangles from her escort like a sad, broken sail. In other words, she’s awesome.

Oh, and she flashed her ta-ta too. Check a censored version here.

3 replies on “Paz De La Huerta Puts Audrina’s Mom To Shame; Flashes Paps”

  1. WOW..that is exactly what she does as her character on Boardwalk Empire also…. when she’s not naked riding someone.

  2. I feel bad for her. Why was her escort just walking her around in front of the photographers like that? If she employs that guy he should be fired. I’m not condoning her getting sloppy drunk, but that is just sad.

  3. This is probably one of Paz’s finest hours she truly has ever known. In this New York Magazine piece, find out Paz basically drifts penniless through New York, pouts, coos, wags her pussy, flashes her tits, and gets whatever she wants.

    A drunken whore through and through

    Are You Ready for Paz?

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