After posting about Leighton Meester’s dumb new movie The Roommate yesterday, I got to thinking about the state of the Gossip GIrl actors. The show will certainly not go on forever — surely its expensive budget, increasingly weak writing, and dwindling ratings bode poorly for it; so it’s only natural that we look forward to see how the cast will fare post-cancellation (whenever that may be). Curiously enough, it seems as though the most annoying actors on the show seem to have the best film prospects (save for Taylor Momson, who has done a fine job of sinking her own career, thanks to some horrific raccoon makeup). Nevertheless, it seems as though Blake Lively and Penn Badgley have racked up the most high profile movies in their tenure on Gossip Girl, which makes little sense because let’s face it: Chuck & Blair > Dan & Serena.
The good news is that Leighton Meester has finally landed some big gigs (Country Strong, The Roommate), but she still is far behind Blake Lively on the road to being an “It” girl. Why? I’m not sure. She’s significantly more talented and just as hot. And yet it was Blake that SNL dialed up for hosting duties last year, and it’s Blake who has been garnering major starlet buzz (thanks in part to nabbing a strange role in The Town).

Even more perplexing is the case of Ed Westwick. The guy has been lauded for his performance on Gossip Girl as well as his style. Some might argue that he’s been a breakout star, but over three and a half seasons, he’s failed to translate his buzz into any significant projects while his fellow male cast mates have landed roles in a variety of projects. Penn Badgley, for example, has served as a lead or romantic lead in many more films than one would ever expect (given his annoying acting ticks, not to mention his lower-neck hair), and Chace Crawford has churned out some (albeit schlocky) work. Even the supporting Gossip Girl players have gone on to solid success: Sebastian Stan (a.k.a. Carter Baizen) has been popping up all over — most recently in the prestigious Black Swan — and let’s not forget Armie Hammer (Gabriel Edwards) who turned heads in The Social Network.

The good news for Westwick (who admittedly did have a neat little role in Children of Men several years ago) is that he’s finally managed to secure a part in what appears to be a major film. He’ll be working alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and the aforementioned Armie Hammer in Clint Eastwood’s upcoming flick J. Edgar. Does this mean Westwick will finally be the movie star that many people predicted he’d be at the end of season one of Gossip Girl? Hard to say. But here’s to hoping he steals away some roles from Badgley.

More information about Westwick’s movie role here.

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  1. Since no one has posted, and second-hand awkwardness is setting in, here are some semi-relevant thoughts regarding Taylor Momsen.

    I often think of her, with completely unnecessary frequency. (Mostly because I LOVED little J back when she was a sweet naive social climber with fashion aspirations and catching Nate’s eye – I have a debilitating inability to disassociate actors from their roles.) I wonder if T.Moms is merely acting up against being imposed into a career since she was a baby that she never chose and evidently does not enjoy. She is probably a highly intelligent individual and so this gilded cage scenario is even more suffocating than it would be for the usual. She probably mature enough to recognize the childhood she lost but not mature enough to articulate it in a constructive manner. Instead, she is sabotaging herself to get out.

    Maybe? Perhaps? Possibility?

    Anyhow, I wish Gossip Girl would bring 2009 back. When Blake Lively was less overrated. When Blair and Chuck could still put Dan in his place. And when hope still lived that Rufus and Vanessa were going to hook up and explode in statutory mutual destruction. We all have our dreams.

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