AND THE OSCAR GOES TO: Survivor’s Fabio Stars in Homoerotic Thriller

A lot of reality stars advance to sex tapes and porn after their initial runs are over, but I’m proud to report that Fabio (née Judd) from Survivor: Nicaragua is moving on to something a bit more artistic: a much sought-after role in a low-budget homoerotic thriller. The film’s title is 1313: Nighmare Mansion, which I believe is a rather awful name for an estate, but that’s neither here nor there. It’s hard to tell what exactly this fine piece of work is about, but from what I can tell, it involves a bunch of pretty boys whose clothes magically disappear, thus the seminal line, “Where did my clothes go?” Along the way, they turn a little psycho (viz. Fabio licking then wielding a rather fake-looking knife) and then, naturally, homoerotic. The whole thing looks like it was shot over the course of one day, and clearly the filmmakers saved money by eschewing the use of proper sound equipment (not to mention a wardrobe department). I’m not sure if this is safe for work or not — it depends on how comfortable you feel having a bunch of dudes running around like they’re in a twisted Calvin Klein commercial — but it’s certainly entertaining.

Via Reality Blurred