So have we caught our breath? I only caught mine now, and it’s been many hours. I’m talking, of course, to my reaction to last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which featured an epic dinner party marked by fighting, boozing, and oodles of personal attacks. As Real Housewives dinner imbroglios go, this one was a doozy, perhaps only trumped by Kelly Bensimon’s notorious dinner party meltdown on “Scary Island.” I’m happy to say the event lived up to the hype.

We knew the blowout was gonna be good when the dinner party sequence began in the first twenty minutes of the show. Normally, if there’s a fight or something juicy, it gets shoved into the last ten minutes of the episode, but not this time. There was too much good stuff. The whole premise of this installment was that Camille wanted to throw a dinner party. It was her way of opening her home and her heart to the other women and show that she’s really a good egg and capable of moving past “New York,” which has become a code-word for awful, petty drama.

Well, Camille invited everyone, and all the women happily RSVP’d yes — even Kyle, who had previous plans with her dear friend and OJ Simpson trial sideshow Faye Resnick. Camille assured Kyle that it would be fine to bring Faye to the party; although, admittedly, if we’re keeping score, it was Kyle’s bad to ask to bring a stranger to a dinner party. Not the best etiquette.

Anyway, the women all hopped in limos and drove off to Malibu where they were greeted by not just Camille but several oversized martini glasses. Listen, I enjoy a cocktail here and there, but these things were ridiculous. It was like Camille had gone shopping at some silly novelty store. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she had a giant pencil in the back room.

Aside from Shrek-sized martinis, Camille also had two of her friends on hand: professional sidekick D.D. and a dashing redhead named Allison DuBois. We learned very quickly that Ms. DuBois was a medium, and not just any medium: she as THE medium that Medium was based off of. I’ll give you all a moment to let that sink in. Clearly these women were in the presence of greatness.

No one seemed to be particularly impressed by Allison’s professional background; although, that might have been due to her generally awkward social skills. She had a tendency to proclaim something and then just stare and smile as if to say “Aren’t you impressed with what I just said? I know I am!” Anyway, despite Allison being billed as the greatest medium in the history of mediums, she was not about to use her Gift. She was off the clock, and when Allison goes off the clock, she likes to indulge in the drinky-poo. I wouldn’t say I’m particularly clairvoyant, but I do see the future, and it involves Alcoholics Anonymous.

Despite the presence of the kooky Allison, the party started off totally fine. There was gabbing and laughing and general mirth. And then Camille went there. Where? THURRE. She suddenly began pondering aloud where she had recognized Faye from and then suddenly she stated something along the lines of “Oh that’s right, I saw you naked in Playboy.” This, of course, was followed by the signature Bravo “BOOM” sound, which led to serious music and urgent glances around the dinner table. It was such an amazingly passive-aggressive moment that I was shocked the brawl didn’t begin right then and there. Instead, Faye politely gave Camille the stone face.

Camille probably realized that she had just doled out a not-so-little jab; so she tried to backpedal, saying that Faye’s SPREAD looked great, but the insincerity on display was entirely too evident. Kyle, meanwhile, happily reminded Camille that she too had posed for Playboy, but Camille qualified that statement by saying she did the classy lingerie Playboy, or something like that. It was certainly an awkward moment, and it sewed the seeds for future chaos.

Well, the night continued to spiral downwards from that moment. Allison the medium lived up to her alky reputation and got hammered on the giant cocktails. Before long she was teasing the women with her Giftâ„¢, and naturally, they all wanted to see it in action. However, the life of a medium is a difficult one, and for just this one night, Allison wanted to be Allison DuBois, not Allison the Medium (even though that’s how she was billed and was all she talked about). Lisa was particularly curious about Allison’s skillz and pressed hard for a reading. Allison, however, resisted and said she was off the clock. It was at this point that Kyle began mocking the medium (to be fair, Allison should have seen it coming).

Like everyone else at the table and now America, Kyle couldn’t help but think this Allison DuBois lady was at least batshit crazy, and if not that, then socially bizarre. But instead of just smiling politely and taking mental notes for a total laughfest in the limo after, Kyle began making true little jabs at Allison’s expense. She snickered about needing to pay Allison for a reading, which only served to put drunk Allison on edge. Not one who plays nice, Allison immediately began hitting below the belt, saying that Kyle’s marriage would end in divorce and that she would never be emotionally fulfilled by Mauricio. She then wrapped it all in the guise of her Giftâ„¢, saying that this was merely what she was detecting from the future. Meanwhile, nothing this lady said the entire evening had the specificity that might suggest she had a true Giftâ„¢ ©2010. Allison just leveled general statements such as “You will never be happy” or “He’s cheating.” Heck, I could do that too. Where’s my Patricia Arquette TV show?

Kyle, of course, took the bait, and soon the women were fighting like two little dogs. If you thought the bitching would stay self-contained, however, you’d be wrong. Somehow, the whole New York fight surfaced again, and once again, Camille and Kyle began going at it. Call me crazy though, but I actually felt they were making some sliiiight headway, but then frickin’ ALLISON DUBOIS kept butting in with her loud, stupid mouth and ruining everything.

In the midst of all that, Kim somehow got involved and mentioned that Taylor had been talking smack at the airport prior to New York, and voila, now Kim and Taylor were fighting. And then Kyle and Kim were fighting (Kyle was mad that Kim had started a fight during HER fight). Adrienne, new to this silly drama, just sat there and rolled her eyes — perhaps wishing she were at home berating her husband for getting a broken nose from their 4 year old kid — and Lisa merely muttered things about “Let’s not go back there.”

As for Faye, she too was in full attack mode. First she went after Allison, then Camille, and then who knows — the butler? Literally everyone was fighting. It wasn’t until Taylor rose to her feet, found some strange demon voice, and yelled “Enough, ENOUGH!” At last the fracas came to a screeching halt and after some bitter mutterings, the women all left their seats and headed to the limos (poor Kim wound up all alone in her limousine of despair). Camille was then left with just D.D. and Allison, who continued to angrily spew some very vile things — not to mention puff from an electronic cigarette. It made no sense to me. The whole thing was a mess.

It was awesome.

And now the photocap…

“So…. I was thinking of having all the girls over to my place. You know, nothing too fancy. Just a bunch of girls drinking oversized martinis and yelling at each other.”

Adrienne: “So you broke your nose. Who cares? Life is pain. SUCK IT UP, PAUL.”

“Should I wear this dress or the white one? I don’t want people to look at my outfit and make little jabs. That’s what they do, you know: little jabs, little jabs…”

“I’m really excited to go to this dinner party tonight and roll my eyes until I wind up in a fight!”

Lisa: “I think we’re going to be in for quite an evening.”
Adrienne: “I don’t care. As long as I’m out of my house. Paul got shot in the abdomen in a botched robbery. He’s all ‘It’s hurts this, it hurts that.’ I mean, it’s just three bullet holes. Suck it up!”

“Hello, I’m Allison DuBois. Patricia Arquette plays me on TV. But enough about me. Let’s hear about you. Who plays YOU on TV?”

Allison: “The show Medium is actually about my life.”
Lisa: “So is that a show about a drunk woman who needs meds?”

“How do I know Faye? Oh THAT’S right. She was on the cover of SLUT QUARTERLY.”

“You gotta admit, Faye, that was pretty funny.”

“Of course it was funny. I’m always funny. You don’t think I’m always funny?”

“I wouldn’t call you the Letterman of the group.”

“See? There you go again. Little jabs…”

“I’m sorry, Camille, but you’re NOT David Letterman.”

“Little jabs.”

“You really think you’re as funny as Letterman?”

“Now introducing tonight’s top ten: The Top Ten Little Jabs By Kyle Richards.”

Allison: “I’d like to interject that I’m the Paul Schaffer to Camille’s Letterman.”
Camille: “Yeah, what do you think about that, Kyle? Or should I say, JAY LENO?”

“See, now THAT was a little dig.”

“I don’t do little digs. That you would accuse me of such is in itself a little dig.”

“No, you little digged first.”

“Little digs… little digs…”

Allison: “This is getting too intense. I need a long, hard drag from my electronic cigarette. Or as I like to call it, my Classy Stick. Because it makes me seem classy.”

“Hey, um, Camille, didn’t you pose for Playboy too?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t pose pose. I did the refined issue.”

“Naturally. How could I overlook that?”

“I’ll have you know that I’m not morally bankrupt. I would NEVER pose nude on the heels of a murder trial. I only pose nude to advance my career and/or find rich husbands (sort of the same thing though, right?).”

Camille: “Oh my goodness, Allison DUBOIS, please get a hold of yourself! I’m trying to have a drama-free party; so please stop attacking these women. They can’t help it if they’re all shallow whore. (Little jabs, little jabs).”

Kyle: “For the last time, your reading makes no sense, Allison DUBOIS. I’m not married to Ashton Kutcher.”
Taylor: “This would be so much more fun if I could stand on the table and have a private photo shoot.”

Allison: “I’m not going to do a psychic reading because I’m off the clock, but if I were to do a reading, it would probably be something along the lines of ‘You’re a barren whore in a loveless marriage who likes to perform felatio on Shetland ponies.’ I’m sorry, but that’s just my gift.”

Faye: “You know, I have psychic powers too, and in the future I can see you being inducted to the BITCH HALL OF FAME.”

“My goodness. Taylor’s lips are HYPNOTIC!”

Camille: “Well, I think that went pretty nicely!”

Kyle: “That was like crazy town.”
Adrienne: “Ugh. And now I gotta go home to my pussy husband. What a night.”

What did you think of the fight? Who started it? How could it have been stopped?

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  1. Fabulous recap, especially your photo captions! While I still believe that Kelly KB is the craziest of crazy housewives, Camille is somehow much more awful. Just awful as a human being, with no self-awareness whatsover, merely an unbridled ambition coupled with the delusional belief that she is very special. Signing up for this gig has proven to be her karmic retribution. Somewhere Kelsey’s accountant is gleefully calculating how much easier it will be to screw her in the settlement. A few clips of this self-proclaimed Jesus would totally convince any judge that Ms. Camille Donattaci is truly “pernicious”. Yet strangely, everyone is so very jealous of her. Everyone. Every woman on earth.

    1. Word. Love that you called her on the whole ‘pernicious’ thing. What a self-absorbed idiot.

  2. I thought it was hilarious (and appropriate) that Lisa and Faye basically looked at Allison and her “abilities” exactly as they would a party clown, had one been there. Alison did NOT want to be off the clock, she wanted everyone to marvel at her Allisoness. Well, we did. Just not the way you hoped.

    Someone in the last thread suggested Googling “Allison Doubois”. I did. Turns out, most people seem to think she’s a complete fraud. She flat out lies about having helped solve Police cases and then claims the cops just can’t admit she helped them in court. What a piece of work.

  3. So what did Faye Resnick have to do with the OJ trial? I don’t recognize her name at all.

    1. If I remember correctly, she may have been a friend of Nicole’s that testified against OJ in court. Or she dated him. It’s one of those.

    2. Don’t feel out of place, Tweslie. I had no idea who she was either. Then again, I didn’t watch the OJ trial.

  4. I like Camille, she just lets little remarks slip out, then sits and watches with glee at all the drama and when the drama calms down she does it again I think its very funny.

    Fay Resnick was friends with Nicole Simpson and I wonder if Fay wanted to be on the RHOBH?

    Allison Dubois was a freaking mess, I think Camille knew what she was doing w/the huge drinks, get the medium drunk and let her cause the drama and Camille can sit there and watch people are underestimating Camille she knows exactly what she is doing.

  5. Camille’s accusation that Kyle’s husband likes Nannies was horrible. Awful. People who live in glass houses should be very wary of karma coming around and looking in on them. Can you say Flight Attendant Camille? How did it feel to see that plastered across the headlines and then a pregnancy/miscarriage to boot? Fact or fiction…No apology on some live late hour Andy Cohen Show will ever re-call that accusation she made about Kyle’s husband. I think I know where the real jealousy lies.
    Allison needs some serious counselling. 3 bathtubs of Martinis and getting her drunk ass mind wrapped around some pointless axle….It was all so toxic.

    1. Well said Red! You know the only reason she called into that show was because of her current situation. She was hoping that Kyle wouldn’t say what poetic justice it was. I agree, she is very jealous of Kyle and her marriage. I would be 100% team Kyle if she were nicer to her sister. Kim has a hard time communicating…you can tell she is nervous.

    2. I TOTALLY AGREE about the karma and Camille. I said from the start she is a very insecure and jealous person, THUS the reason she is always talking about everyone being jealous of her. Kyle seems to have a pretty good relationship with her husband and children…compared to Camille’s life, Kyle’s is fairytale perfect and Kyle looks better (YEAH I SAID IT). I hate when Camille does that bug eyed thing like her lids are stuck i the open position. And she tries way to hard with her clothes (always trying to have them lame azz ta tas out and about…we don’t need to see all that! Yup Camille, Kyle dresses better than you too LOL)

  6. Have you noticed that every time Camile tells people that she doesn’t drink, she’s drinking? I think a little liquid courage was involved when she started up with Faye.
    And the medium chick… what an alcoholic head-case.
    When Kyle asked if she could bring her friend, I was a little embarrassed for her. Not because I wouldn’t do that with my friends, but they are friendly and easy going. Camile, however, is a calculated bitch. She probably has a lot of time on her hands to devise her little schemes. And the way Kyle kind of choked out the request while they were on the phone… she was obviously tongue-tied. I just felt bad for her. It seemed like a set-up from the get go.

  7. No comments yet about what Camille talked about after the others left the party?…that Kyle’s husband was probably cheating on her. I about died when she started talking smack about their marriage. She must have been totally oblivious about her own marriage at the time or totally dumb to be such a hypocrite…although she is an awful hypocrite most of the time. And the apology she gave to Kyle on WWHL was so obviously a PR stunt. I suppose it’s a step that she actually realized how horrible she looked and is trying to back peddle. Ick.

    Also, how about when Allison said that she wouldn’t help any of the women if their children went missing? What a truly disgusting and delusional comment. As if anyone would actually believe she would be able to help. She’s lucky her show is already canceled, because I’m pretty sure a lot of people that were originally “eh” about her (or realistically had no idea who she even was) are now disliking her.

    1. No kidding. I had to rewind twice to be sure that was what she really said. What a piece of sh*t.

    2. Why is this fabulous “medium”/”psychic” not “predicting” that Kelsey’s gonna be dumping Camille in about 5, 4, 3, 2, …

      1. That is very true about the Medium not predicting about Camille’s husband having an affair. If she could really “see” what’s happening, then shouldn’t she have clued Camille in?

    3. She (Allison) also said something about how she loved having the ability to know exactly when someone is gonna die…and the way she said it was like she had a god complex…that women is just hideous in every since of the word.

  8. Somehow New York came up? Nope, Kyle brought it up, which was the dumbest move she could have made in that situation, as things had already started going downhill (Camille’s remarks to Faye & Alison’s remarks to Kyle — and, for the record, I think Faye Resnick is pretty scummy but if you let her sit at your dinner table then you need to STFU about her past, and when someone, be it a doctor, lawyer, or even a “medium” tells you they don’t want to work at a dinner party, you need to STFU about it and not mock them — people get paid for their jobs, however silly that job may seem, they don’t owe anyone a free service). Anyway, after Kyle begged to hear what Alison had to say, Alison said something about Klye being more comfortable talking to men than women and Kyle said “Nope. I’m a total girl’s girl.” And Camille said “That’s me. I’m more comfortable around men because I always think women have an agenda/are catty with me” or something like that. Kyle then said “Well maybe that’s what happened in New York.” Things got worse from there as anyone with half a brain could have predicted. I said in another thread, Kyle gets too loud and defensive when she feels attacked and she did it again last night. Yeah, Camille’s quiet act may be annoying, but it sure looks better than pointing & screaming like a banshee. The best way to deal with someone like Camille or the drunken Alison Dubois is to not engage them. Instead, Kyle & Faye walked right into it all & I can’t say I feel sorry or sympathetic towards any of the parties involved. They all acted extremely badly and proved the Countess right: money can’t buy you class, my friend.
    Also, was it just me or did anyone else think Kyle’s anger towards Kim & sending her off by herself so that she & the others could go to the Polo Lounge without her was pretty sh!tty? Poor, sad Kim really didn’t deserve that.
    I watched the WWHL after & Camille called Kyle and apologized for her “Mauricio likes nannies” comments (guess your hubby dumping you for a stewardess can make you rethink things). Kyle accepted and then smugly told Andy afterward that she “wants to believe Camille is sincere.” Whatever. Kyle & Camille are both passhole-aggresholes & I’ve got no use for either of them.

    1. I agree that Kyle gets a bit harsh with Kim…yes, Kim is not always the brightest bulb in the box and should have come out and defended her in New York since she was the only other witness, but I still get the feeling that she wants to help. And I also think she’s just trying to call out Taylor for telling Camille stuff, but unfortunately she can’t articulate well and no one will listen to her.

      However, I don’t think the group overreacted to Allison’s reluctance to work at the dinner party. Considering how both Camille and Allison herself bragged about her job and the television show, what else would you expect but curiosity from the group? Especially when you claim to have a gift most people are skeptical about. Yes, Kyle started to get catty about it, but Allison was also acting batshit crazy. As a person in the medical field, I often get questions outside of work…when I’m with close friends I may brush off questions for another time if I’m not in the mood, but when confronted with new people I’m polite and patient enough to have a discussion. Plus, I’m a normal person and talking about my job and knowledge seems like a normal thing to do when meeting new people.

      Seems to me Camille definitely started to ball rolling with her “little jab” at Faye and inviting a crazy drunk friend to stir up shit. Fortunately for the audience Kyle and Faye fell for the bait and continued the drama. Bad behavior on both sides, but I’m not sure many people would be able to keep their cool in that situation.

      Also, I think Kyle seemed smug after the apology because she wasn’t stupid enough to believe it was sincere but didn’t want to come out looking bad on WWHL. Obviously it was a PR stunt since she looked even more ridiculous than normal on this episode, and Kyle was well aware of it. If these people were sincere, they would call off camera.

      1. I’m with you — I’m in the legal field and when I meet new people & they want legal advice, I’m not rude about it (although I do the usual CYA of “I’m not your attorney nor are you engaging me to be your attorney”, blah, blah, blah) and I try to be helpful. But Alison didn’t do that — she said she didn’t want to “work” — sure it was pretty rude & isn’t something I would have done, but after she said it, plus the fact that she was obviously drunk — Kyle (and Lisa — lets face it, as much as I love Lisa, she kept asking about it too) should have dropped it.
        Camille did start it (as always) but Faye (who was itching for a fight, the same as Alison was, imo) & Kyle should have either (1) left if they were really insulted about it or (2) dropped it. I don’t agree with the premise that just because someone starts something the other person is obligated to continue it, especially by mocking someone else right in front of their face and then bringing up the dreaded New York incident (which is exactly how it went down). Personally, I think “mediums” are pretty much on par with snake oil salesmen, but I wouldn’t say that to one if I was at dinner with her. If you can’t (or don’t want to) diffuse an unpleasant situation, you can leave it — this wasn’t exactly life or death — of course, that wouldn’t have given either of them camera time, so that wasn’t going to happen. If Taylor hadn’t stood up & left, Kyle, Faye, Alison & Camille would still be there fighting!!!
        Kim, imo, was trying to be helpful, but just like her running into the plant, she is clumsy about it. I don’t like the way Kyle turned her anger at Camille and Alison on her –Kim is obviously fragile and kind of crazy, but not in a mean/hurful way. Kyle was totaly “safe” being mean to Kim because she knows Kim can’t fight back. And wasn’t it oh so funny (not) when Kyle ignored Kim’s phone call in the limo? Those two’s co-dependency is sad.

      2. PS — I also agree that the apology wasn’t sincere, but Kyle could have been gracious about it (you don’t need to believe an apology to be gracious about it). If Camille knows how bad she looks, Kyle knows it too and everybody knows about the Camille/Kelsey situation, which is making Camille look even worse for those comments about Mauricio. But she choose not to be. I tend to believe that is because that *is* who Kyle is. Just because she is “better” than Camille, doesn’t mean she is “good” — she only looks good in comparison. Fortunately for her, Camille is so horrid that it is easy to excuse all the bad cr@p Kyle does. To paraphrase what 1L wrote up thread: I would be Team Kyle if she was nicer to Kim.

        1. I very much agree with the assessment of Kyle…I really want to like her more, but I don’t like how she treats Kim. Obviously she’s much better than Camille, so she’ll always come out on top in that comparison, but perhaps because I have a good relationship with my sister it especially bothers me when she puts Kim down…that limo ride was very sad. I really feel like she might have something valid to say about the whole Taylor thing, and I hope we get a clear answer about it at the reunion.

          Really, in most of these shows hardly anyone really looks “good”…I understand it’s all a matter of perspective. People just get ranked, and Camille will be at the bottom, and Lisa at the top. At the dinner party, everyone acted poorly, even Adrienne in a sense because someone needed to try to stop that sooner.

          Random: For some reason I get bad vibes about Taylor still…I feel like I should be more sympathetic because of the domestic violence and her crappy husband, but there’s something I just can’t shake to make me like her…

          1. We seem to be on the same wavelength — I’m totally with you on Taylor too. Her opening up about her past abuse really did move me & makes me want to “like” her more, but I just can’t really like her. I guess I feel badly for her for what she’s gone through, but I don’t know if I can actually “like” her. Bad vibes is a good way to put it.

          2. just watched the episode on my tivo and I totally dislike Taylor. That whole abuse thing was ridiculous and I couldn’t find any sympathy towards her. i’m sick of her crying about her mean husband who doesn’t want to have fun with her. Russell was like that when she married him, so she needs to suck it up and work with what she picked. i feel sorry for russell cuz taylor is always badmouthing him to her friends on tv. why not have a conversation with him about her complains ON TV so he can defend herself. I’m waiting for her to say “Russell doesn’ fill her love tank!” IMO she did not smack talking with camille in NY about kyle and now she’s afraid kim will let the cat out of the bag. I’m sorry, but kim is retarded and twitchy and I could care less is they kept her on after season 1, along with taylor.

          3. meant to say above that taylor did talk smack to camille about what kyle said and is now worried that kim is going to tell everyone. taylor is the snake.

  9. “She was off the clock, and when Allison goes off the clock, she likes to indulge in the drinky-poo. I wouldn’t say I’m particularly clairvoyant, but I do see the future, and it involves Alcoholics Anonymous.” HA!!! TOTALLY. Good grief, this woman was horrible and this whole party was a total shit show. Camille is AWFUL and set the whole thing up, Kyle over reacted, Kim came out of nowhere, and that Alison woman is the WORST. PERSON. EVER. I hope she is thouroughly embarrassed — btw, Allison, you suck because Kelsey was apparently cheating on Camille and your psychic powers were pegging Kyle/Mauricio’s relationship as the doomed one. BEST LINE OF THE NIGHT was Lisa asking Allison “Is my grandmother here??”

    1. I think Kim is silly, when she said she’d been to Camille’s house 3 times before hehe

        1. Ha! LOL! Kim’s an idiot and such a liability, it’s like she got lobotomy and now poor Kyle has to drag her around, watch her around tables…She’s the comic relief for the season

  10. If Allison is such an amazing medium, wouldn’t she have warned Camille that her husband was doinking that flight attendant? What a not-so-awesome medium friend. Now … where’s my electronic cigarette?

  11. Let’s be clear….I totally love that you noticed Taylor is up to in her eyeballs in the Camille affair, even in the most innocent way possible. Kim just keeps pointing out, without knowing it. And shame on Kyle for not realizing what is going on there. And treating her sister horridly. I have a sister who is inappropriate and constantly stuns me in public. I have learned it’s probably not best to show her a sexy picture of my boyfriend (taboo, but it wasn’t porn, just adorably foreign of him to think it was flirty), lest she bring in up in front of him and twelve others at my birthday party. The fault was MINE. I betrayed his trust. In the best braggadocious ( because seriously, he looked amazing in that flag) way possible, onwards…

    I feel compelled by my “shining” ancestors to do a cold reading on Allison…child of trauma who had to learn to be intensely aware of others reactions in order to protect herself. She relates, intuitively to victims. The rage she feels against her perpetrators, real, exxagerated or imagined allows her to TAP serial killers and alpha dinner companions. She has an analytical mind which calculates the odds of the 5 human motivations and gives her a 2.7% success rate, according to SCIENTISTS.

    Nature abhors a vacum. dear. Your desparate, needy child attracts like, good and bad. You’re so far removed from feeling, yet you know others better than they know themselves. SOCIOPATH. You get to play your game of power, control and redemption over and over again No joy yet, no release from pain for you, you inflict, you’re all knowing, we see. This doesn’t make you a psychic. It makes you a glittery eyed vulture.

    I am so PISSED that she has screwed up my love affair with my electric cigarette(the same brand , even)!!!!! I was feeling so contrite, so forward in my nicotine affair, damn the naysayers. She dirtied my love. Foul succubus, she. I was a discreet e-smoker, now I might as well skulk out to the back with the bus boys and drag haggedly on borrowed super Kools. Damn her to all eternity for taking away my shallow puffings with my oversized, phallic delight. Now, SHE and my Safe Cig weigh heavily.

  12. DAMNIT! I STILL LOVE MY E-CIG. Just SAYING. She made it look sooooo bad, I will just puff in the stalls.

    1. Grrl, puff away. Just do it like a normal human being. Don’t look at people like damn Hannibal Lecter while you’re inhaling. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you don’t share the “crazy eye” trait of Ms. Ali Dubo, so you should be fine.

      1. Oh thank you! No I don’t have crazy eye, well, maybe when people get all redneck, then I get super crazy eyebrow! And then ….all hell breaks loose. Just kidding, a little

  13. Skittles, sorry just saw your post, you can’t shake it because she is a facilitator, she moves it along…her outburst was to stop the conversation lest Kim expose her. She didn’t mean to, she’s just that awkward girl that does damage. She could have stopped all of this in the beginning by being strong enough to bring perspective. Admit she brought it up to Camille and then calm the waters. She is the confusion between the two. She is why neither can understand what happened.

  14. 1. Doesn’t Alison look like a VERY EVIL Giada de Laurentiis? *shivers*

    2. A Housewives’s dinner party is just the gift that keeps on giving. This cast has the best drama only cuz it’s not too mean…just really petty and fun to laugh at while eating chips and dip. It was like putting 9 cats in a bag and just letting them go at it.

    3. I was very impressed with Taylor last night. Her crazies need to come out more.

    4. I think a huge part of the misunderstanding had a lot to do with Taylor. In New York, she was the one who tipped Camille about what Kyle may have said, PER KIM, which is why she gets SOOOO defensive every time Kim opens her mouth.

    5. First came the “Jude Law Law” (don’t hire hot nannies). Now we have the “Camille Grammer Law” – don’t have hotter friends than you so you can feel superior about yourself.

    6. Lisa totally wanted to go off on Alison but I could tell she didn’t want to add fuel to the fire.

    7. If the friends weren’t there, things could’ve been fixed. But Kyle and Camille are such alpha females that they have their little minions fighting for them.

  15. No one mentions how Camille told Taylor that she would have to make sure Allison didn’t drink too much, then she had 5 gallon buckets for glasses at her party.
    Can’t love Lisa enough, soo funny!

  16. Faye Resnick was a friend of Nicole Brown Simpson. After Nicole’s murder, Faye cashed in on her friend’s death and published a book claiming that Faye and Nicole were together sexually. I think Faye is the scum of the earth.

  17. Camille even said when Allison drinks she hits below the belt…she knew it would be a catfight and she loved it. Her call to WWHL was bullshit and Kyle knew that. That being said… Kyle isn’t totally innocent either. Looks like her big mouth and inability to just not feed the fire cost her husband a huge commission….

    If the show Medium was still on the air, I’d never be able to watch it again!

  18. I too wondered why Allison DuBois didn’t warn her precious friend Camille about Kelsey’s affair/engagement/and fiance’s pregnancy. She’s obviously a fraud and had an agenda at the dinner. How disgusting that she made the comment that if one of their children is missing, she wouldn’t help. Allison should pray that one of her children doesn’t turn up missing. She obviously doesn’t have the ability to help herself.
    Camille is so obviously jealous of Kyle and her hot husband. How telling that Mauricio wanted Kyle to stay one more night with him in Napa and Kelsey moved 3000 miles away to not spend even one more night with Camille.
    Kelsey loves having Camille on this show- so everyone can see her true colors! I just feel sorry for the kids.

  19. Camille is extremely passive aggressive. She stirs the pot and then gleefully watches it boil with a smirk on her face. I noticed that during the New York fiasco too. If women have a problem with her it’s not because they are jealous since I see nothing that any of these women would be jealous about. If she has issues with other women it has to do with her own insecurities. Not theirs.

    Allison chick was flat out strange and rude. Kyle should have ignored her rather than engage her, since she clearly was looking for trouble based on her attitude with the other women. I can see why she and Camille are friends.

  20. It’s been mentioned on other boards but for psychics who actually HAVE the “Gift” supposedly drinking dulls the senses and the visions and most don’t like to drink because of that. Allison was there as a guard dog and instigator. Camille would throw out these “little jabs” then sit back and smile and get wide-eyed innocent looks on her face. Ugh, made me sick to my stomach!

  21. The best line in this recap (and there were many greats) was…

    “It made no sense to me. The whole thing was a mess.

    It was awesome.”

    That about sums my sentiments up perfectly LMAO!!!

    Quietly, Camille and her thinking the entire world is jealous of her kills me…I always find myself SCREAMING at the T.V. “LADY, NOBODY GIVES A SHYT…GO SIT YOUR AZZ DOWN SOMEWHERES PLEASE!!” Oy Vey. That women makes my skin crawl, it’s no wonder Kelsey went out the way that he did. He probably still wakes up in a cold sweat after bashing her in the head with a big rock in his nightmares. Can you tell how much I despise Camille yet??? JESUS!!!!

    Anywho…Yup, I love those ladies, they drive me severely insane LOL!!!

  22. On Allisondubois.com the “medium” has the following quote: “I aired in an episode of HW of BH that was to say the least, in my opinion, recklessly edited and was not representative of what actually happened that night nor who I am. I was there only as support for my friend Camille who had told me how painful her interaction with the other housewives was and it was making her physically ill. I’m very protective of my friends/family and was there to support my friend.”
    How about damage control??? She didn’t like the way she acted and that her “read” was pointed toward Kyle but truly meant for Camille! Even if she knew Kelsey was cheating, there is no way she would tell Camille! She knows who butters her bread!

  23. If you really listened, you would’ve heard Camille’s light, bitchy voice mention something that was said at the airport. That’s when Kim made the comment about Taylor. Taylor, in my opinion, was behind everything. She made comments at the airport, then told Camille what was said in response.

    No one at the dinner table heard Camille ask about the airport- which caused Kim to mention Taylor. Kim WAS taking up for Kyle- but letting Camille know that she knew it was Taylor who started the mess. Taylor’s such a ditz.

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