Something happened to J-Woww’s face. She looks slimmer — that’s for sure. But that’s not all. Celebrity Magnet nabbed this photo of the Jersey Shore starlet over the weekend at Snooki’s birthday party, and from what we can see, it appears as though J-Woww’s face is more angular (and tanner) than ever before. Mere weight loss? Or perhaps the product of a procedure? What do you think? Upgrade or downgrade? I’m on the fence.

11 replies on “What Happened To J-Woww’s Face?”

  1. I don’t know if it’s surgery? Whatever it is though, I say upgrade. She looks less manly.

  2. I think she had a serious(ly good) Chemical Peel. Her skin looks SO much better. Better all around grooming.

  3. I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit I follow her on twitter. More since the start of season two she’s been talking a lot about working out. My guess would be she’s more careful with diet and has lost weight. But I also could see her getting procedures. The JS crowd is blowing through money like their fifteen minutes aren’t ticking away.

  4. I think its weight loss, plus just generally just taking better or herself and it shows in her skin. Her new BF is a health freak, and she has gone on health kick too. Before she just looked rough; bad skin from too much cigarette smoke, alcohol, bad food, little sleep. I think she has cut a lot of toxins out or at least cut down dramatically and its showing in her skin. She’s young enough that you can just bounce back naturally. She might have had a couple superficial things (ie the peel like CAK said), but I think that’s about it. Imo.

  5. It would appear that she is attempting to transition into Daniele Staub. Soon she’ll look exactly like her, and then Daniele’s kids will have *two* mothers. Then will they be happy?!

  6. Which one is Jwwow? She doesn’t even look the same. I would say it is something more than mere weight loss, but she does look like she has lost weight and/or gotten toned. It looks like she got her chin shaved down.

  7. She has had alot of bad work to her face {this is just a good pic} looks horrible. These reaality/Real house wives shows have taught me plastic surg doesn’t make you look better or younger,if you got it you just got it. Shes in her 20’s and looks 50 something and druggy/drained…..

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