Fast Times To Come

People who’ve visited this B-Side Blog for the past week have most likely noticed a ridiculous amount of site slow-downs and internal errors. It’s made reading the blog nearly impossible, and I can assure you it’s been almost impossible for me to upload content as well. I think I’ve isolated the problems, and hopefully over the next day or so, things will be speeding up. Sorry for the inconvenience…

4 replies on “Fast Times To Come”

  1. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed confirmation lady. Or is that affirmation lady? Whoever she is, I’ve missed her smiling face when I posted something successfully.

  2. Thanks!! I thought it was a PEBKAC error on my part (Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair)!!!

  3. Get it together, man.

    If I don’t see some Vanilla Ice pics soon, I’m gonna rock you like a vandal.

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