We all know Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was a child star, but what people may forget was that she was featured on the bizarro ’80s sitcom Down To Earth, which focused on a ghost flapper / maid from the ’20s who teaches valuable life lessons to a modern family. Not joking. I don’t have many memories of the series — in fact, I saw it only once when I was on vacation to Disneyworld in first grade — but I do remember desperately wishing I had a ghost maid after watching the show. Again, I’m not even joking.

Anyway, after the jump, check out the funky opening credits, which include glimpses of a teenage Kyle…

7 replies on “Catch a Glimpse of Kyle Richards As A Teen”

  1. Never heard of it, have never seen it before. Then again, in those years, my dad had major control over the TV. We watched what HE wanted to watch which meant Barney Miller and other “great shows” like that…

  2. I loved Down to Earth. In fact, I think I can still sing the theme song. So sad that I remember that.

  3. Thank goodness I do not have an memory of this. Or maybe it could be one of ‘those’ suppressed memories. No wonder playing out side till the street lights came on was such a great option. Honestly it looks like the stupidest show ever.

  4. I’ve remembered this theme song for 25 years. Wow. If I’m not mistaken, it was on TBS and was their first first-run show (back then, it was all reruns of 50s and 60s shows on TBS otherwise). Man, I’d watch anything back then. Including all the crap on the first years of Fox (Duets, Mr President, Women in Prison) shortly thereafter.

  5. I’m a tv person — always was always will be — never even heard of this one before. Strange……

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