If you’re looking to kill about nine minutes, check out this long lost footage from the 1984 American Music Awards. Back then, the award show sensitively featured categories like “Favorite Black Single” and “Favorite Black Album.” Things have changed a touch since then. Some things, however, are very much the same. Take, for example, Prince, who is a near parody of himself as he accepts his awards.

Ultimately though, while it’s campy fun to revisit this award show from twenty-six years ago (!), I’m really left with only one over-arching thought: damn, 1984 had some good music.

Bonus points for whoever thought to pair Madonna and Huey Lewis.

Via Miu von Furstenberg

8 replies on “The Most Amazing Piece of Retro YouTube Junk You’ll See Today”

  1. As Lionel Richie would say, “Outrageous!” And who else to present “Favorite Black Single” (oof) but the Beach Boys? I mean, makes total sense.

    I love Prince but how in the world did “Thriller” not win at least one of these?

  2. I love that all of the members of the Revolution are dressed like they are going to an extremely formal Golden Girls costume party.

  3. Lord…it brings me back to my junior year in high school…yep, great music.

    Lionel’s jacket is so SHINY!! Brings me back to his Dancin’ on the Ceiling days…good times.

    And what’s up with the dude with Prince that is a Pre-Hulk-Hogan-Wanna-Be?? I mean, I wasn’t following the WWF back then (or now) but was Hulk Hogan even around back then?

      1. The Hulk Hogan dude was ‘Big Chick.’ He was Prince’s bodyguard back in the day and had a role in Purple Rain as the bouncer at the club, I think. They had some big falling out eventually…. Scaring myself that I know all this nonsense and also clearly dating myself. Love me some Prince!

        Madonna was adorable — much preferred to the Madge of today. Lionel Ritchie was hilarious and appeared to be trying out to host some crazy game show!! Off to listen to 80’s music!

  4. I love Madonna without the fake British accent. And I just want to sing out “Purple Rain, Purple Rain!” while waving my arms in the air.

    What’s up with Thriller not winning?

  5. I too was shocked that Thriller didn’t win.

    I love original Madonna! Now I remember why I was such a huge fan back then. She was actual very NORMAL but so awesome and of course without the fake accent. Wow…that made no sense.

  6. let’s do the math: beach boys + night ranger guy does not equal anything that has to do with “black” music. Wow, it’s kind of uncomfortable to watch.

    I’m with the rest of you.. love the old-school madge and the awkwardness of prince.

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