REAL HOUSEWIVES PREVIEW: Chesty Kim Zolciak Gets Stricken With Modesty

We’re in the middle of Housewives mania: DC aired part one of its craaaaaazy reunion last night, which was followed by the debut of Beverly Hills, and on top of that, we have our veterans in Atlanta still going strong. Mark my words: my head WILL explode shortly. In the meantime, check out these clips from Monday’s episode of RHoATL. Above, prior to her biggest performance, Kim’s undulating breasts threaten to flee the skimpy trappings of her dress, causing panic all around. Then, just when those fleshy bowling balls seem to be under control, her vajayay starts popping out. It’s a dilemma of the highest order!

Meanwhile, after the jump, Phaedra explains what exactly landed her husband Apollo in prison. Her casual dismissal of the charge is sort of hilarious…

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  1. Did anyone else notice that every single outfit Kim tried on was like an eye patch on her tits and a tutu band-aid around her coo-choo? Gross. And weird.

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