It’s almost that time again! The Real Housewives of Atlanta season three premieres on Monday, and in this preview clip, we see a classic Nene diva moment as she refuses to hug her main gay Dwight. Sadly, Bravo only gives us a taste of the fight, but that’s okay because quite frankly, the entire video is worth it just to hear Sherayay ask us quite frustratedly, “Where are the hot shoes?”

I’m bubbling with anticipation!

7 replies on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATL PREVIEW: Where Are The Hot Shoes??”

  1. Well, at least we know who gonna check NeNe boo……
    I use Boo(Boo) lovingly. Am I missing something here?

  2. What in the hell kind of shirt did Kim pour herself into???? A trashy, white, see-through t-shirt with what appears to be a train on the back? I am sure it cost a fortune. It looks like NeNe still has her old face? I was expecting the new one but I guess she did all the surgery after this ran? Good thing. I like her old face better.

    1. You’re right about Kim’s shirt and NeNe’s face.

      Also, are Kim and NeNe friends again?

      1. What is even more disturbing is that Kim most likely thinks she is the most fashion forward hottie Atlanta has ever seen. Her poor kids. She is a mess.

  3. i just giggle with DELIGHT everytime i see that very short clip of nene saying “watch ‘yo hands”


  4. I’m sorry, but one of them really does need to put Dwight in his place. He’s always acted like this show is his ticket to bigger and better things. I was hoping it would be Sheree, but Nene has beat her to it.

    And Sheree, how I miss thee. So much vapidity and yet still tolerable.

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