QUICK HIT: Naked Athletes!


Who doesn’t love looking at naked athletes? Thankfully, ESPN Magazine has this nifty thing called “The Body Issue,” which basically strips down some of our favorite (or at least most curvy and chiseled) sports stars and presents them artfully (re: safe for work) nude.

Check out some of the pics here (it’s worth it):

Socialite Life: ESPN Body Issue Is How People Look At Naked Athletes

Fun times for boys and girls!

4 replies on “QUICK HIT: Naked Athletes!”

    1. But they’re tastefully done, like those pics of Miley Cyrus for Vogue (or whatever mag she posed nude on the cover for).

  1. thats what i thought, either that or he is really really small, lol!! btw who is tim howard and what sport does he play? his body is BANGING!!!!

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