I made no secret about my preference of Crystal Bowersox over Lee DeWyze during last season’s forgettable American Idol finale. However, I must admit that even though I wasn’t pulling for him to win, I do like Lee’s new single, titled “Sweet Serendipity.” Bouncy and fun, the song is the sort of generic rock that I like (as opposed to a droning Nickelback tune). Take a listen by clicking on the player below:

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7 replies on “Lee DeWyze’s New Single Is Surprisingly Good”

  1. I like Lee’s single. It’s very different from his pre-idol music but it is catchy and makes you feel good. Lee said they’re will be different types of songs on his album – pop, folk, blusey so expect a lot of other types of music besides pop. You can pre-order his album on Itunes or Amazon now. See http://letsdothis4leedewyze.com/?p=212 for more info.

  2. really enjoy seeing these different sides of lee.. this song is just fun, bouncy & head-boppingly cool.. a joy to listen to especially in the mornings. good job, lee! can’t wait for the album! 🙂

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