A mere two days ago, I pondered how long we’d have to wait for the next cell phone scandal. Turns out not long at all! The latest celeb to be caught with his junk out on display is none other than Kanye West, who reportedly sent provocative photos of himself to a number of women from who knows where. Now those pics are for sale, which means in no time, we’ll have a whole new set of grainy dong photos to analyze and mock. Fun times!

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Socialite Life: Any Buyers? Kanye West Nude Photos For Sale

4 replies on “Kanye West Nude!”

  1. To paraphrase David Niven:
    Why do these men feel the need to display their short comings?

  2. I found him irritating and repugnant long before the Taylor Swift nonsense and he isn’t hot so who wants to see his little thing? (Let’s be honest nobody with a big one would act like him). But I must admit that picture of him and Beyonce is very charming

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